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limpieza-de-casasA recent research has shown that people tend to spend more the 80% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, the quality of indoor air can be up to five times worse than the outdoor air. If we constantly expose ourselves, or worse – our children, on polluted air, we threaten the health of everyone in our family.

That is why it is very important to know how to maintain the indoor air at home pure. This is the only way to provide healthy and safe environment for our family. But how can we improve the air at home? Sometimes this can be a very big challenge and that is why we decided to prepare you to accept it. Here are some useful tips.

Don’t allow smoking in your home.

The most effective way to improve the indoor air in your home clean is to keep things causing air pollution, out of your home. This includes chemicals, excess moisture and… cigarette smoke. Did you know that every year, more than 15,000 children get in hospital, ‘thanks’ to second hand smoke?

This unpleasant habit not only leaves bad odours in your home, but also can lead to a lot of serious health problems. The smell of cigarette smoke is very stubborn, since it can easily get absorbed by wallpapers, curtains and furniture (especially the soft one). The only efficient way to get rid of it permanently is to forbid indoor smoking.

Keep your home clean


When it comes to pure air, regular cleaning is one of the most important things. There are some problematic areas in your home, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, which can be really big sources of bad odours. Regular cleaning can help you deal with this problem. Mould, for example, can be very hazardous for your health. It leads to plenty of allergic reactions and fungal infections. It starts from a single spot on the wall and if you don’t take any measures, it can spread and become even harder to clean.

Choose natural cleaning products

The less chemicals you use, the less polluted the indoor air in your home will be. Chemical cleaning detergents, such as bleach, release a great number of harmful gases, which can lead to allergic reactions and dizziness. Some of them are very strong and can cause nausea. Go green and try to clean your house only with natural products. However, if it is not always possible, every time you use chemicals, make sure that your house is well-ventilated.


Plants are the best natural purifiers! In nature, plants naturally purify their environment. If you manage to choose the right plants for your home, you will not only eliminate the volatile organic compounds from the air, but you can also include them in the decoration of your home. Bamboo palm, for example, is very a stylish decision. It looks rally fancy in corners and can get you rid of the formaldehyde. Another very functional solution is the so-called Spider plant. It requires almost no special treatment and it is a great, air purifying plant.

Author Bio: July Minor is passionate freelance blogger keen on topics about cleaning and home improvement. She works as a cleaner at and that is why she know so much about hygiene. She loves to share her experience with the readers.

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