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craft room windowWindows are getting more and more attention these days with window décor and attractive storage valances becoming a hot trend. After spending so much on doing up your rooms though, bothering about how to dress up your windows in style and that too cheaply isn’t a cheerful prospect.

Though the market abounds in panels and shades that are reasonably priced, they might be too plain to suit your needs. So, how do you make a plain fabric shade look designer in less expense? The easiest option is to have a bit of ribbon trimmed edges.

Sewing trimming of course may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it is not a very glorious thing to do when making time for oneself is a daily struggle. Thus, if shades can be trimmed minus the sewing, it would imply having cake and eating it with icing without even worrying about the calories!

First things first

You can go for plain yet elegant designs that feature interesting borders or instead opt for patterns or creative designs that are instant attention holders. Criss-cross patterns are perfect for plain walls.

What ribbon can do?

Ribbon trimming will add charm, a rich texture as well as a bold look. It can make ordinary fabric look more textured and interesting. Also, even if fabric is plain or simply patterned and not too expensive, the gloss of ribbon trimming will increase its face value and estimated price.

Window curtain

How to get the ribbon trim look

What you’ll need:

· Fabric glue

· Ribbons that complement the fabric

· A stack of heavy books or magazines

How to go about it

1. Carefully apply fabric glue to the back of your ribbon and smooth it over with your finger so that it is spread evenly.

2. Spread it gently over the fabric over the portion you want it on and make sure there are no lumps or excess glue leaking out. Smooth it over the fabric.

3. Now cover the ribbon by placing some heavy objects like books or magazines on it to flatten it thoroughly.

For more elaborate touches

window curtains

If you want pleats and frills, carefully fold the ribbon at the right spots as it is glued. You can also experiment with different hues and shades or have strips of ribbon at the bottom. Beneath broad ribbons, a decorative frill can be inserted.

For a touch of bling to the ribbon, glue small beads or pieces of glass on it. Or if you want a bow look, cut out some smaller and slimmer pieces of ribbon and fold them into a decorative bow and glue it so that it doesn’t open up. Then you can stick it to the main ribbon for a more decorative look.

Going beyond trimming


If you want more than just trimming or stick to plain trimming and have a more decorative and distinct shade body, then you can glue beads or tiny ribbons to your shades and leave the trimming plain.

Or have plain ribbon borders while you glue patterns on the fabric consisting of beads or tiny glass pieces.

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