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Air Conditioning UnitAre you looking for a reliable way to make your new air conditioner last as long as possible? Or maybe you have an older compressor unit that you want to try and make last as long as possible. What is the best way to keep your air conditioner clean, and help it last as long as possible?

The best ways to keep your air conditioner clean will naturally vary depending on what kind of air conditioner you have. The tools and methods you use on a window unit will not be very different from the ways you would keep a central air conditioner unit clean. So what are the best methods for keeping these two kinds of units clean?

First, understand the benefits of doing do. Keeping your unit clean will mean that it can operate at it peak efficiency. Air conditioners work based on air exchange and heat transfer. Any dust or dirt can impair the exchange, or block the air that needs to blow through the unit. Keeping your unit clean also helps you spot signs of wear or tear that may indicate you unit requires more involved maintenance. This means you can keep your existing unit running longer, without having to replace it.

A central air unit consists of several parts. In your home, you will have a fan system that blows air across a set of very small tubes. These tubes are called the A-coil, or evaporator coil. This is where the refrigerant in your unit will expand and cool the air crossing over it. The other part of your air conditioner is called the compressor. This is the large unit outside of your home. This is where the refrigerant is compressed, so that it can be returned into your home, and continue to cool the air.

Safety First!

Before doing anything to either a window unit or a central air unit, you should always make the power to your air conditioning system is shut off. If you have a window unit, you can unplug it. If it is a central air unit, you can usually find the circuit in your central electrical circuit box, and discontinue all electricity to the system.

Clean And Change Your Filter

The most important thing you can do is keep the air passing through your fan system clean. How can you do this? A high quality filter will do the trick quite nicely. But even the best filters only last for so long, and need to be changed frequently.

Clean The Evaporator

If you can access the evaporator (some units have them sealed, and these sealed units should not be accessed), you can easily clean it once per year by using a stiff brush to scrub it. You should be careful not to bend any of the pipes. You can also clean the drain hole beneath the evaporator using a small amount of household bleach.

How To Clean Your Outdoor Condenser

Your outdoor condenser unit can be cleaned by wiping down the fan blades, and using commercially sold coil cleaners, and special fin brushes that can clean between the small metal fins without damaging them.

With these simple tools, you can keep your air conditioner clean, well maintained, and running well for many years!

Vince Bradley is a kitchen appliance technician. He is specializing in stove and refrigerator repair. He likes to write and give advise about how to maintain kitchen appliance in good condition and also how to repair a broken home appliance. He is works for ABCAuthorizedRepair in Studio City, CA.

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