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bathroom storageYou may often want to store your wares in a well organized manner in your bathroom. You thus need to have spacious cabinets in the bath space.

You will also want a shelf to place all your unwashed clothes.

A towel holder and a shelf to place all your toiletries would also be vital. Here are simple suggestions to increase the storage space in your bathroom.

Fold Up Vertical Bathroom

bathroom-all-in-oneYou may often wonder how you can make space for all your clothes and wares in the little bath space you have. Modern interior designers have taken this up as a challenge. The result of one such innovative thought is the fold up vertical bathroom.

This unique thing that resembles an appliance has all the bathroom necessities in a single unit. This includes a commode, a shower, a stool, a storage cabinet, basin and even the facility to flush. It is the best way to save space and give your bathroom a stylish finish.


Bathtubs with Storage Spaces

Bathtubs are a luxury that most of us love to have in our bath space. These usually occupy a handsome amount of space. If you may want to make your bathroom spacious, one option is to choose bathtubs that have storage space within them.

You can keep books or other wares inside the bathtub.

bathroom-bathtub-storage-shelves   Vigo-21

Basin Units with Space to Store Your Wares

A sink or a basin is an inevitable part of any washroom. You may opt for basin units that come with attached cabinet units. These can easily house your daily wares in a very systematic manner.

You may even go for basins that have recessed wall units. These provide space to store. The bath area continues to stay spacious too.

4576744561_509654f8daMirrors That Reflect Spaciousness

You can even have great space to store your toiletries and wares behind the mirror. This will continue to stay hidden too. You may go for mirrors of unique styles and shapes. This will add to the glitzy appearance.

Some Quick and minor changes that can add up a little more space in bathroom

1. Use Folding Faucets: You may go for folding faucets for your bath space taps. You can fold these upwards or sideways when you are not using them. This will help you have more space to bathe peacefully.

2. Movable Towel Shelves: These are hooks to support your towels. When you are not using these, you may fold them back to their position. It will stay unnoticed and will occupy very less space.

3. Ball LED Lighting: You do not need to have a separate lighting system if you think that occupies a lot of ceiling space. You may opt for ball LEDs. They are mobile and waterproof.


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