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Home DecorMinimalistic décor is a very interesting concept to feature in your home. Often it is considered as a dull, cold and uninviting kind of decor. But the truth is quite far from this notion.

Minimalism is a decoration style that features a clutter less and organized look in an attractive manner. The fundamental idea is to clear the space of all unnecessary elements but maintain the décor aesthetics in a selected color scheme. Here are a few ideas to create a minimalistic look in your home.

Concentrate on one room at a time

It is never a good idea to consider reshuffling the décor of your entire home at the same instant. Consider one room at a time and focus your attention on the décor of that particular space. Go by your instincts to simplify the décor and obtain the look you are craving for. Once you have achieved the look satisfactorily for that room, proceed to the next one with confidence. Continue doing up each room till you have changed the look of the entire house.

Focus on furniture

The easiest way to start reorganizing a room is by considering the furniture first. Furniture happens to be the bulkiest elements in any room. To simplify a room’s décor eliminate the furniture pieces for which you do not have any particular use. Just keep the selected few which you will make use of extensively. While eliminating select each piece and consider whether you would have to sacrifice on comfort and utility if you let go of that particular piece. That way you will have a definite set of furniture which is most useful for you. In case you want to get new furniture items for the décor, select furniture with multiple uses.

Keep the essentials

Minimalistic décor is fundamentally based on the idea of decorating with the essentials. Decide upon the essential items in a room including the furniture and the other items. Except those essential items, clear out the others. If you want you can always add a few favorite items later to give the room a personal touch.

Organize stuff

Make it a point to store your stuff in their particular places. Use cabinets, store in baskets, organize in cupboards. The main point is to keep your stuff out of sight. Do not let anything lying scattered around the room.

Declutter the look

Eliminate all sorts of clutter from the cupboards and cabinets. Keep all flat surfaces in the room devoid of anything except maybe one or two accent pieces. Keep the floors clean except for the furniture standing on it.

Simplify the window treatments

Consider the windows. Even those need to be given a matching look in sync to the décor. Put up draperies featuring solid colors or a neutral background and solid patterns in black. Match the draperies with minimalistic drapery hardware in finishes of nickel or steel. The Apollo Collection from the Vesta Drapery Hardware has a wide range of such smart designs and minimal looks as are necessary for such a décor.

Put up subdued colors

Make a neutral or earth color the base of the room. Put it on the walls and the ceiling. Make it feature on the fabrics. But to break the monotony, add a dash of vibrant color to a particular item or a certain group of items. You can place cushions of a different and contrasting color on the sofa or can have a new piece of furniture in a bright color. You can even add a colorful family photograph or a vibrant painting on the wall to make the décor come alive. Adam is a passionate writer and currently writing for BuyCurtainRod, the no. 1 place to buy curtain rod hardware.

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