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If you are in the medical profession or run a doctor’s or dentist’s office, you know how important it is to create a practice that is clean, abides by all health and safety standards and creates a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for your patients. A lot of patients have anxiety about going to a medical office—whether its because they had a bad experience in the past or just have a fear of something going wrong—and it’s part of your job as a medical provider to take away all their trepidation by paying close attention to the space you provide.

Another issue you must be sensitive and pay special attention to in a medical practice is the comfort level of patients that are children. Many have never been to a doctor before or feel uncomfortable being treated by adults they don’t know. It is of the utmost importance to make them feel at ease and make sure their first few experiences at dentist or doctor’s office are not harmful to them or the cause of negative associations.

There are numerous ways to make your practice a comfortable, welcoming place that puts patients at ease. Here are some ideas if you’re trying to improve the overall feel of your practice.

1.      Pay attention to cleanliness.

This should go without saying, but it’s hard to overstate how important a meticulous attention to cleanliness is. From your waiting room to your restroom to your examination room, things like dust, unattended trash and clutter will be noticed by your patients and potentially give them a negative impression of your office.

2.      Order your office furniture from a reputable supplier.


This may seem obvious, but if your office furniture does not look professional and specially designed for the healthcare setting, your patients may get the wrong idea. You can order a plethora of high quality furniture and office supplies—including a doctor’s stool, medical exam stools and exam room stools with backrest options—from reputable online suppliers like Source Medical Equipment, for example. Choosing a trusted source such as this is a much better route than having mismatched or unseemly furniture in your practice.

3.      Encourage your staff to be friendly.

Nothing will put people at ease more than a medical or administrative staff that can recognize returning patients and welcome new ones. This is the best investment you can make if you want to create a welcoming and comforting practice.

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