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cesped-artificialWhat is artificial grass? Why would you want it?

Essentially, artificial grass is a surface that is manufactured to look and act as grass. There are plenty of reasons to own artificial grass, also known as artificial turf.

For people who are not physically capable or have the time to mow their lawn, artificial grass might be the right product for them! It has no need to be cut as it is is a synthetic surface and does not grow.

Another reason to consider owning artificial grass might be surprising to some: the environmental reasons. It is counter-intuitive, fake plants being environmentally friendly, but it can work. There are no emissions from a gas-drive lawn mower. No fertilizer is needed with artificial grass; as well as, the amount of water run-off is minimized.


There are quite a few other reasons people choose to use artificial turf instead of regular grass. Dogs cannot dig holes into the ground and the artificial grass is pretty easy to clean. If you own a pool, you can’t bring dirt into it from the grass or any other sort of debris. If you have children, the wear and tear on your grass can ruin your year so parents often choose articifical grass for the children’s play area.

Artificial grass is a great idea if you plan on having a lot of usage of the grass and are not capable of taking the time and energy to provide the upkeep for a regular old lawn. It just fairs better with a lot of usage and some harsh climates.

Does artificial grass last?

To understand if artificial grass lasts, one needs to understand what artificial turf is made out of and how to keep it in tip top shape. Picking the right turf for you should be based on what you plan on using it for. Is it for a sports area? It is for a garden or your kids’ playground? Obviously, the more planned wear and tear can be helped ahead of time with a stronger and better-lasting material.


Artificial grass is created from yarns made from polymers. These are generally polypropylene and polyethylene. Depending on the company, there are different warrenties on your artificial turf. Some say if not taken care of, artificial grass will only last five years with a different company saying ten years.

There are warranties for five years, and there are warranties for 15 years. One company even says that if well taken care of, artificial grass can last up to 25 years.

Overall, artificial grass seems to be a good investment! Not only do you save time on a lawn, you save money. With a regular lawn, you take a lot of risks. If your summers are harsh, your lawn might not stay green. You will have to use some water to it growing, and you do have to keep an eye on it. You have to mow it and make sure the kids or dogs do not do too much damage. Artificial turf is definitely worth it!

Paula Freed is a guest blogger.  Living in AZ, she sees many artificial lawns, which led her to the SouthWest Greens artificial grass website.

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