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In the world of high tech thieves, a typical homeowner has to step up their game or end up falling victim to some pretty elaborate schemes. Thieves are using social networking to not only find out if you are away from home, but also details of your life to help them create instant rapport with you so you are easily fooled. Some things can’t be fooled, however, like a good home security system. When trying to determine how to make your home safe, take into account both high tech online solutions and offline old-fashioned smarts.

Guard Your Whereabouts

One thing that a home security system can’t do for you is to stop you from revealing things better left unsaid. You may want to brag about your two week vacation in Hawaii on Facebook, but do it when you’re already back.


Even with a home security system installed, if thieves know you are away, they will take their time learning how to get by it. Often, they don’t even have to want to steal anything to try use your home and information as a base for other scams.

Scams Using Your Home

Once a scam artist knows you are away, they may take their time looking for spare keys in and around your doors. They know that many people add a spare key under a mat, in a flower pot, or behind a rock for the house sitter to use.

Baldwin_door_lock So, they will look there first. Then, once they have gained entry through your home either via a key or a break-in, they have access to your address, your home, your keys, any belongings inside, and your name and online information.

That’s all they need to pull off a scam whereby your house is now on the rental real estate market without your knowledge. By the time you come back, it may have been “rented” fully furnished without your permission. The renter may realize their mistake after you return, but by then the scam has done its harm. Don’t give scam artists or thieves the slightest opportunity to gain entry to your house.

Install Safety Features

Get good locks and hand-deliver a key if you are to be away. Make sure you have timed lights in your home to give the appearance that you are still there, even when you are not. Keep the dog or cat around as animals, especially large ones, can be a deterrent to a home break-in.

Alert your home security company that you will be out of town and set the alarms. Do not reveal your whereabouts online until after you’ve returned. Be careful with applications like that automatically announce your location to the world.

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Make sure your smartphone is locked in case you lose it, so it can’t be hacked into for personal data. Home safety is not just about locking your home down. It’s also about locking down your information to keep people from gaining illegal entry from your carelessness. By locking down online as well as offline, you will institute better home security practices overall.

Archie Garnet is a freelance writer. He recently experienced a break in at his home and after that choose to instal Medeco locks installed by Citywide Locksmith.

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