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vacuum elevator 2When age degenerative diseases strike the elderly, carers can be of great help, but elderly and disabled people can regain their independence with use of a home elevator. They are quiet, convenient and simple to use.

Home elevators can be installed in modern residences, as they can increase the value of the home whilst providing a practical mobility solution for the elderly or disabled. The wonders of technological advancements have allowed major companies to provide affordable mobility solutions to the elderly and disabled. The home elevators can be installed both inside and outside the home and they are safe to use.

How Residential Elevators Help

The residential elevator has safety features including a telephone, cable safety devices, emergency stop with alarm, touch screen controls, door interlock system and power backup facility. These are ideally suited to help the elderly and disabled person carry furniture and shopping from one floor to the next.  They can be incorporated into a new or existing home, plus they are similar to home elevators and can be installed both inside and outside premises.

The Safety Features of Home Elevators

The elderly can find it difficult to get around, as the body is more susceptible to age-degenerative diseases like osteoporosis (brittle bone disease).

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A home elevator is a useful tool of independence as it can be customised to fit the home and needs of the individual. A gearless motor allows for a smooth ride. People who find it difficult to climb the stairs will greatly benefit from a home elevator. They are suited to carry both the person and additional goods.  A home elevator can be customised to match your interior and exterior décor, and in case of emergency, the phone dials through to the manufacturer who can offer assistance.

The Different Types of Elevators

Eclipse elevators fit homes with only limited space, but they deliver an outstanding service for elderly and disabled persons. Infinity luxury elevators incorporate a hydraulic system with a proficient drive system. This type of elevator is reliable and safe in emergencies like earthquakes and fires, as the system is controlled through a manual machine room located in the basement. Home elevators are equipped with useful options, including the recessed gate pocket, voice trigger controls, motor driving system and digital floor indicator.

Vacuum ascensorAnother popular home elevator type is a traction or electric elevator. The elevator is operated by a counterweight that keeps the cab balanced in the shaft. The suspension can make elderly passengers more vulnerable, as the system uses no oil. If your home is prone to weather damage, like earthquakes, then a traction elevator may not be the best option, as it has no machine room.

The pneumatic lift does not include a machine room, but instead uses a pneumatic vacuum to suction the cars between floors. It is only able to hold one or two people, although handicapped people should avoid this lift. The installation costs is far less than a home elevator that includes a machine room.

Finally, the overhead winding drum is another type of home elevator. There is no machine room, nor is oil used in this system, but the overhead winding drum is often installed in the roof so that the elevator cab does not rely on counterweights to move.

Selecting a Home Elevator

5477103144 8eb6212c6c Residential Lifts and Elevators for wheelchairs and disabledThe price of an elevator can vary in price. This will include installation and construction of the elevator. It will require regular inspections, which can add to the overall cost of a home elevator. Careful planning can help you to choose the right elevator for your needs. Firstly, do you have the necessary space for such a feature? Look at different models. Does the elevator have extras, and will they support your independence?

Home elevators are a good investment for disabled and elderly people to help them regain independence and stop relying on home help. In addition, installing an elevator can boost the value of your home.

Installing one of the many diverse designs of home elevators will aid mobility and add value to the home.

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