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glasstec2006_6Do you dare to install a glass staircase in your home or office?  When we think about a glass staircase the first thing that comes to our heads is how dangerous they can be if they break, but the truth is that the technology with which they are made, makes them capable of withstanding the weight of 4 people of medium texture.

These stairs are notable for their modern designs, which are ideal for reception of minimalist environments or public spaces. Glass stairs besides provide a function in our house, turn out to be something decorative, especially if we use a minimalist design on the inside of the space where you are.

Glass stairs or glass staircases are becoming nowadays more and more common. This is due in part to the architectural fashion, but also the result of the considerable improvements that they have been made with regard to the strength of the glass used for structural purposes.   The Glass Stair Company use glass components for glass staircase systems like  glass stair treads and glass balustrade infill panels to make an average house look contemporary and modern.

escaleras-de-cristal acero

Glass stair treads are usually manufactured using a combination of 10mm float and 25mm float, laminated together.  A non slip surface can be achieved in several ways, the most popular being an all over sandblast and Ritec coat finish.  Another popular anti-slip preference is for grooves to be cut into the front edge of the tread.

The glass stairs combine technique, image and design.  They are light, transparent and ethereal. They are often used in commercial and industrial architecture. Glass stairs pose a subtle and elegant makeup: give lightness to the room and  climbing on them  gives us the feeling as we were floating in the air.  These stairs can be straight, with turns and landings, curved or spiral.

escalera-volada-en-u-de-vidrio-144831    escalera-de-cristal-2

It is not advisable to install a glass stairs in a house where children or older people, despite the modern that will look  our home  with it.

Photos and Images of Glass Staircases

These are some inspirating  images of stairs glass  design  for you.

escalera de cristal apple store


Glass-Balustrade-stair  escalera cristal y leds

One way to customize a glass staircase ,like in the last photo,is the ability to incorporate LED lighting that can change color or use of privacy glass becomes opaque to step on the rung or when activated by a switch.

Glass Stair Companies and Prices:

Architect Glass Series Stair Kits  This last have the following prices of glass stairs. Installation is included .

12 Tread Kit $12,500
14 Tread Kit $14,500
16 Tread Kit $16,500
18 Tread Kit $18,500



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