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Give your kids their own shower

ferrum_cabina duchaA common challenge faced by families with teenagers is the daily fight for the bathroom in both the morning and the evening. Households with one bathroom and numerous teenagers will know that it is difficult to get time in the bathroom there’s either someone already in there, or someone banging on the door wanting to get in.

It is understandable. Teens are extremely conscious (and often very sensitive) about their looks and hygiene, and so a 45 minute shift in the bathroom becomes a necessary part of the daily routine. Unfortunately, this can become a source of frustration and, at worst, conflict – as other members of the household are unable to get in the bathroom, making them late and generally irritated.

Add an Extra Shower, or Two

A solution favoured by many is the installation of additional shower facilities elsewhere in the house. This may take the form of a second bathroom, but many are looking to adapt space in a teenager’s bedroom to create a small, but convenient, en suite shower facility. This solution has the additional advantage of offering additional privacy for the teenager, a much sought benefit.

mamparas  de bano

Many consider this to be an ideal solution. Developments in bathroom fixtures and fitting meant that a shower can be installed relatively easily, and without the need to take out a second mortgage to raise the funds.

Shower Type

Fibreglass Shower

Away from the creation of the space, the main consideration is the design of the shower. As part of an en suite, a fibreglass shower cubicle offers the ideal solution. The fibreglass shower cubicle often arrives as a pre-constructed, one piece unit.


This design is perfect for the en suite – as the need for sealant, tiling and other waterproofing on the walls is reduced, and the chance of future leaks falls significantly too. They are light, making them easier to installing and decreasing the need for additional floor reinforcement.

Most importantly, fibreglass shower cubicles are available in a broad range of sizes and styles. This provides a good number of options, even if the space for the shower cubicle is particularly tight.

For example, many have inward-folding doors as a space saving device. Many designs also include well-thought, space saving shelves moulded into the cubicle, removing the need for further purchases to hold the many and various cleaning products.

Glass Shower

mampara para banosGlass cubicles are less easily damaged than fibreglass ones that are easily scratched and are liable to crack.

Glass is hygienic, easy to clean and makes very attractive bedroom shower enclosures. They are heavier and more difficult to install, but it is worth the effort for the superior result you get in the end.

Call it an Investment

The various styles should also allow the shower cubicle to remain in-keeping with designs found elsewhere in the house. This said, the additional shower cubicle may, one day, be looked at in a different way should the house be put up for sale in future years – so it may be better to avoid bright or distinctive styles or colours – the cubicles are not a quick job to remove and replace!  

Phil Turner recently installed a glass shower unit from QS Enclosures in a bedroom. He found the unit after deciding to follow QS Supplies on Twitter.


Desc:  Teenagers don’t need a full en-suite bathroom, but their own shower would make things go more smoothly for everyone in the family bathroom on busy mornings.

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