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arquitectura futurista

Futuristic architecture was an art movement of the early twentieth century who rejected the traditional aesthetics and tried to glorify contemporary life, based on two key issues:  the machine and motion.  Its purpose was to awaken the world of cultural apathy that was sunk from the late eighteenth century, attacked the museums and academies, the worship of ancient art and all the other times.

zaha hadid arquitectura futurista

Futurism called for the establishment of a new artistic concept based on speed, they understood as a fundamental feature of modern life.
The members of the Futurist Movement in architecture had a utopian project,  supported by the New Town, where the measure would not be given for the building, but the urban structure, relying on the new architectural typologies, such as train stations and airports, power electrical, tiered houses with elevators.  They thought a new vertical and mechanical world, which would be connected through networks of iron and glass elevators.

Characteristics of Futurist architecture:

edificio futurista

1 .- Futuristic Architecture  is the architecture of calculation, of reckless daring and simplicity, the architecture of reinforced concrete, iron, glass,cardboard, textile fiber and all substitutes for wood, stone and brick, allowing maximum flexibility and lightness.
2 .- The oblique lines and elliptic lines are dynamic, which by their very nature have an expressive power a thousand times higher than the horizontal and perpendicular.
3 .- The decoration, as something superimposed on architecture is absurd, and only use the original provision and the raw materialor seen or violently colored depends the decorative value of Futurist architecture.
4 .- As the ancients drew inspiration for his art, the elements of nature, Futurist architecture must find that inspiration in the elements of brand new mechanical world was created.
5 .- The distributed architecture and art forms of the building saccording to criteria is finished.

futurismo y arquitectura

6 .- Architecture must understand the effort to harmonize with freedom and great audacity environment and man, that is, make the world of things in a direct projection of the spirit world.
7 .- The fundamental characteristics of Futurist architecture willlapse and transience.  The houses will last less than us. Each generation should be made from their city. This constant renewal of the built environment contribute to the victory of Futurism which already imposes the words freedom, plastic dynamism, music without quadrature and the art of noise, and we fought relentlessly against the cowardly extension of the past .

Representatives of Futurist Architecture:

Antonio Sant’Elia, Cesar Pelli, Santiago Calatrava, Archigram, Louis Armet, Welton Becket, Arthur Erickson, Future Systems, Zaha Hadid, John Lautner, Oscar Niemeyer among others.


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