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cocina_en_lOk, so you want to redecorate or renovate your kitchen – but where exactly do you start?

Fitting a new kitchen can be an expensive and time consuming activity so getting everything right first time is absolutely crucial and will save you with the hassle of altering your plans once everything has been implemented.

This article will attempt to give you a guideline to begin your planning and offer a framework to begin building your dream kitchen.


Firstly, be sure to finalise your idea of a colour scheme and picture how the room will look with the chosen colour(s) in mind. Once you’ve settled upon a colour scheme – which may include a variety of colours – you can then start purchasing the materials that match-up to that theme. For instance, the paint, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen flooring and the kitchen surfaces. Remember to consider how colours interact with each other. For example, you a dark red is unlikely to match up with a pale blue!


kitchen blueprint 00

Before you start installing anything to your new kitchen it’s vital that you make a plan of how you want the kitchen to look and where everything will fit in. If you’re getting external trasdesmen to install your kitchen then make sure they are thoroughly briefed on what you have in and, if possible, ask for a sketch to be drawn up of how the final product will eventually look. That way, you will avoid disappointment if everything isn’t quite right.



led-illumination-blue-lightLighting can be one of the most important aspects to a room. Make sure that you choose a specific positioning for the lighting that will best accentuate the attributes of the kitchen. There are also different shades of lighting to consider and also the type. LED lighting is known to be a little more expensive but is environmentally much friendlier than your standard light bulb and would also last for a much more substantial period.


estractorCrucial to the functionality of a kitchen are of course appliances. Dish washers, cookers, washing machines, toasters etc. – they all need to be planned out in advance so that you’re not short when it comes to completing your project. Again, have an eye on your aesthetic appeal at all times – you wouldn’t want a pink toaster in a room that is predominately brown or beige, would you? (Ok, maybe you would, but that’s up to you!)

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