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piscina-iluminacion-1Create a unique lighting experience in your pool or spa with the Floating Pool Lights .

Enhance your pool, giving it that extra touch for a festive feel. The Floating  Lights give a soft glow to the water.  Floating Pool Lights are ideal for creating soft ambient light in outdoor areas such as pools, terraces, ponds or between the nooks and crannies of the garden.

The floating pool lights can be used not only in the pool but also in ponds, lakes, gardens and terraces.They generate different effects according to the chosen hue and color of the water in your pool.

The floating pool lights not only light, but are also used for the decoration of swimming pools or anywhere else. These floating lights allow a total transformation in the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Its shape and brightness introduce charm with style that is almost magical.

Floating pool lights are ideal for livening up the look of your pool at night, and actually have other benefits that may make them a worthwhile investment for your pool.  A big reason to consider using floating pool lights is that they require no installation. Traditional wall-mounted fixtures or fiber optic lights require careful installation that can be quite expensive. On the other hand, you can set up floating lights yourself.

Photos of lamps floating for swimming pools:

Between the different models there are some floating lights that provide up to eight hours of light at night and work through solar energy. These dont use batteries, since an internal light sensor is responsible for storing the energy and charge them.


luces flotantes piscinas  pond lightsLuces-decoracion-piscina

Its water repellent material prevents moisture or leaks, maintain the balance on the water creating an impressive floating lights game .

The Floating pool lights have fully waterproof covers and there are different designs on the market to choose the most appropriate we want. We can choose between different colors such as amber, green, red, blue and white tones and our garden environments or ponds.

Where can you buy floating pool lights?

You can buy them in alot of places.
if you live near a Costco, BJ’S, Walmart or Ocean State Job lot also stop and shop they probly have that item.


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