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If you have a party outdoors the chances are that before you know it the daylight is replaced by dusk, which quickly succumbs to darkness. Whilst outdoor parties are usually confined to being a pleasure of the summer – at least here in the UK – with the help of a chiminea or even an open fire, you can be sipping wine and be engrossed in conversation even on a dark winter’s night.

How you light up your winter outdoor party is naturally a leading concern and the good news is that there are several ways you can provide ample outdoor illumination without relying on firelight or candles.

Solar powered outdoor lighting

Solar powered lighting is a fantastic form of outdoor illumination as it does not require any electricity to function. Solar lights work by using the natural sunlight to charge a battery during the day. Simply place your solar light outside and position the solar panel so that it faces south. The battery will charge and provide you with a great source of light in the twilight hours – the perfect solution to lighting up your outdoor party.

Step lights

If you want a more permanent solution to outdoor lighting, then you may want to consider getting some step lighting installed in your garden. If you are having a party outdoors then it may be a good idea to get some illumination onto potentially dangerous areas like steps, particularly if there is going to be plenty of alcoholic drinks flowing, as alcohol, the dark and steps can be a lethal combination.

Step lighting comes in a variety of forms, including spotlights and downlights. Recessed step lights are ideal for lighting up steps and creating a stylish look to outdoor features. Most step lighting fixtures are also energy efficient, meaning that your electricity bills won’t feel the pinch of your nocturnal habits in the garden!

Wall lights

Wall lights can be great in creating an atmospheric and warming glow to an outdoor party. To avoid any unwanted glare, opt for wall lights that have front panels to distribute the glare of the light. Exterior wall lights come in a diverse range of styles and have multipurpose and functions. As well as illuminating up your outdoor area so that your guests can see what they are doing, outdoor wall lights can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or gate-crashes!


Chimenas bring multiple benefits to a garden, as not only do they look great and atmospheric but they also provide lighting and heat, meaning that even in the depths of winter a party is not confined to being inside the house.

Home design specialist Katie Evans wrote this article for Light IQ specialists in indoor and outdoor lighting design.

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