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A Thrifty Guide to Heating your Home.

warm_eco_friendly_house I know for many of us it feels like the summer never actually made an appearance but it’s time to face facts. However short it may have been, I’m here to tell you that summer has passed and winter will soon be darkening our doors.

This also means there’s sure to be an increase in our bills as we stay in watching TV on those long dark evenings and turn up the heat in an attempt to stay warm but it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are my five top tips on how to keep the heat high but the costs low.

  1. Check all windows and doors: A lot of heat can escape our houses through gaps in the windows and doors. The best thing to do is to go around and check that all the windows are securely closed so that there are no drafts. Using a match or stick of incense can help with this as there may be small gaps that could be missed. Draft excluders are the perfect way to stop warmth creeping under doors. There are a lot of inexpensive ones available but you can always use a towel or indeed make one yourself.
  2.  Take advantage of cooking times: In times gone by, our heating source would also be what we used for cooking. Today we can use this technique to provide a ‘killing two birds with one stone’ situation.  During meal times the oven and other appliances will be heating up the surrounding area so why not turn the thermostat down and take advantage of this. Also, boiling the kettle or creating steam in other ways will increase the moisture level in the house and make you feel warmer.

heated towel rail

  1. Install a heated towel rail: This may seem like an expensive thing to do but it is a lot more cost effective than doing something drastic like installing cavity walls. We are all tempted to turn up the heating when we get out of the bath or shower due to the contrast in temperatures between the hot water and cooler surrounding air making us feel colder. However, having a supply of warm towels will reduce this contrast and give the perfect finishing touch to bath time.
  2. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan: It may seem like a daft idea to turn a fan on when you are in need of a bit of warmth but by simply changing the direction of the fan blades (most modern fans should have this option) could give you just that. As the warm air rises towards the blades, the fan will push it back down thus keeping it in circulation and maintaining a snug environment.
  3. If in doubt, act like penguins: Everybody knows that penguins huddle together to combat the freezing temperatures by sharing their body heat. So grab a friend or loved one and make like those fuzzy little creatures. 


Chris Mayhew writes here on behalf of Heated Towel Rails 4 U. Advice is given on how to keep your house warm without spending vast amounts of money, including installing one of the quality products that Heated Towel Rails 4 U have to offer.

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