Sep 202014

The top causes of fires in homes are from cigarettes, a lack of smoke alarms, cooking, electrical appliances and heating equipment.

Most of these fires could have been prevented with some very basic precautions that can be taken whilst you are building.

Taking the official UK statistics into account, we have detailed some basic building precautions you can take for your home to prevent fire from occurring in the first place.

1.) Electrical Wiring

Bad wiring is a fire hazard that can be easily avoided by taking your home’s electrical wiring seriously enough to make sure you have set it up correctly. Make sure all of your wires are earthed, and do not leave loose or dangling wires around.

When building, lethargy can often tempt a builder to take a short cut and connect too many plug sockets into one source and forget to complete the electrical loop. This causes sockets to overheat and generate sparks.

If you have had any leaks or water damage to your home, change all socket coverings as any damp or mould that has collected will cause sparks which can lead to a fire. Do not leave any sockets that are unused exposed or covered by any furniture or item and most importantly do not overload sockets in the first place!


Another common cause of fires in the UK is electrical distribution within the home which is potentially the most easily avoided fire hazard whilst building.

This is largely down to plug sockets. If you are building and making renovations, then you have the option of installing extra sockets in the home which eliminates the risk of overloading.


2.) The kitchen

50% of annual fires are started in the kitchen and this can be avoided by considering fire safety when you are building. Make sure you have installed vents, especially around areas of heat such as the oven and cooker. Make sure you have passed your gas safety inspections. Never convert a room with no windows into a kitchen and always place a fire extinguisher near to the cooking area for easy access.

3.) Fire Alarms

Always install fire alarms in your home, and test them regularly. The beauty of doing this when building is you can make them fit in with the design of the room. Fire alarms cut the risk of death due to fire by 80%.



Ben Inder has been writing about home improvements for 2 years now and currently writes for Speedy Services a tool hire company.

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