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EMERGENCY DOORSFire doors offer numerous practical advantages over other types of doors. For starters, they make your home a much safer place to live, particularly if you run a busy household where the kitchen is in regular usage and gas appliances and other electrical items are regularly turned on.

Whether you’re a homeowner or the owner of a restaurant or any other business, investing in a fire door is an important preventative measure that could ultimately save lives should the unthinkable happen. This article explores some of the key practical and economic benefits of fire doors.

Save lives and minimise damage to your home

Fire doors are designed to withstand high temperatures and resist flames to prevent fires from spreading to other sections of a building. As the vast majority of accidental fires begin in the kitchen, a fire door between this area and the rest of your living space is especially important. Many of these doors often include fire seals, which fill in gaps between the door and the floor. These seals help to prevent smoke from being transmitted through the door and also play an important role in minimising the chance of a fire from spreading to other sections of a building.


House fires still claim thousands of lives each year

According to US public service campaign ‘Ready‘, more than 2,500 people are killed in home fires each year in the United States. Without a fire door, a small flame can transform into a large fire in less than one minute and increase the air temperature to more than 300 degrees Celsius. In the UK alone, there are around 500 fire-related deaths each year and more than 59,000 annual house fires. While smoke alarms can warn people about an existing fire, they cannot prevent flames from spreading throughout the building.

Investing in a fire door could help you reduce your insurance costs


According to UK Regulatory Form Order in 2005, business owners are responsible for all fire risk assessment procedures in their organisations,. This means fire doors must be installed and adequately maintained in all non-domestic premises.

Insurance companies may be willing to offer a reduction on the premiums they charge for homeowners who have installed fire doors next to their kitchens, as this will reduce the risk of a fire incident and a subsequent claim.

However, a business owner whose property has been damaged by a fire may be unable to make an insurance claim if he/she has failed to follow fire procedures or has remove a fire door from the property.


Fire doors can still be stylish

Like other doors, fire doors can be adapted to many different finishes and styles. As well as protecting your home or business, they can also be aesthetically pleasing; choose a clean Jacobean finish to go with a minimalist kitchen or consider an attractive light oak or rosewood door to complement a timber floor. They can also be customised to specific measurements, which will ensure that they are the right size for your particular doorway.

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