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Creating a look that satisfies your home decor preferences, and is functional at the same time is a challenge. Today’s modern home is a mix of technology, sleek lines and elegant style. Little things like adding

Trump home lighting, transforms a space from ordinary to extraordinary. A stylish makeover is possible at any budget level, as long as you go slow and keep your eye on the prize: sophisticated decor that defines your dream home.

Generate Interesting Lines

Texture is the key when developing an elegant room. The style can be simple with little ornamentation, as long as you inject some architectural interest, clean-lined furniture and distinctive accessories. Smooth grained cabinets, combined with a frosted glass shower enclosure in the bath, offers dramatic expression without all the distracting clutter. Pick smoky colors for the pebbled floor tile and then install a matching vessel sink to create a modern, sleek flow that is muted and refined.

Go Vintage

Add just a touch of a vintage feel to strategic areas of a room for a hint of yesteryear. How about a functioning antique stove that makes your modern kitchen stand out? You might combine that look with hanging copper pots and canisters on counters. On the opposite wall, place a refurbished buffet and top it with baskets, with a true copper Italian cappuccino machine. Hang or paint a bold bakery sign on the wall and install a shelf to hold tins of coffee and cups.

Build the rest of the kitchen around these two eye catchers. Put in an island with a granite top and traditional bar stools. Not only will this look nice, but it will allow for more people to sit and enjoy the room. Change out the faucets and hardware for something with old-fashioned style, and then take the doors off a few select cabinets to create natural shelving.

Decorate with Color

Today’s chic decor calls for contrast in color options. Walls that are earthy and dark with a light colored ceiling and trim make a statement that is bold. Look to add color contrast to at least one focal room in the home, such as the living area. You can paint the walls white, purchase white furniture and add black accessories for dissimilarity.

Instead of a monochromatic approach, try an accent wall of dramatic color with neutral secondary colors on the remaining walls, the furniture, and other decor items. Add throw pillows to a sofa or a vase on an end table in a third contrasting color for a look that pops, or match your accessories to your accent wall for a subtler effect.

Explore your personal style to find your own sense of home decor. Try adding bright area rugs or installing graceful Trump home lighting – anything that enhances the look of your home.

Jake Alexander is a free lance writer who likes to blog about home decoration. Follow him @JakeAlexander17.

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