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divisiones en yesoDrywall system is a constructive method of plaster (gypsum) or fiber-cement boards, attached to a lightweight wooden or galvanized steel reticular structure in which in the manufacturing process and finish is not used water, therefore the name of Drywall or wall dry.

The Drywall construction system in dry  is a technology used around the world for the construction of walls, ceilings and enclosures, in all types of commercial, hospitality, educational, recreational, industrial architecture and housing projects, both single-family and multi-family.

Advantajes of Drywall system

The main advantages offered by the Drywall construction system are its rapidity of execution, great versatility, less weight on existing structures, cleaning and a lower cost than traditional systems, offering also improved levels of comfort and ease when performing repairs or modifications both partitions and false ceilings.

detalle drywall

-Fast.  Thanks to the short time of installation, the administrative and financial costs are reduced by 40% as compared to the traditional system.

-Lightweight. – Drywalls are lighte.  For its weight of 25 Kg/m2 approx. a sheet of DRYWALL is equivalent to 2.98 m2. r . and is 8 to 10 times lighter than masonry systems.  The key requirements for building tall buildings or huge structures will be to incorporate materials that are light-weight which can reduce the dead-load on the structure, that is why it is used a lot in interior partitions

-Easy installation. With this system, the facilities (electric, telephone, computer, health, etc)  are recessed and  assembled simultaneously with the plates.

-Transportation. For being a lightweight product, transport is provided using the minimum number of operators.

-Versatile. -The product allows you to develop any type of architectural project, either special volumes, ceilings or walls light.

dry wall estructura  drywall instalacion

-Recoverable. By characteristics in the construction of the DRYWALL to retrieve 80% of the material (with the appropriate care) to be used again.

-Easy application- DRYWALL can be applied using nails, screws and adhesives. Corner of metal moldings for metal frames and joints for expansion are also used.

-Appealing – Drywalls are aesthetically more appealing, they offer flexibility in creating and dividing spaces and also allow to experiment with shapes and sizes: Drywalls (as the name implies) is a dry construction technique to build walls which are lighter and faster to construct.




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