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green-do-it-yourself-home-improvementThe term going green is everywhere and it can get overwhelming with influences hammering at you from every direction; energy saving, recycling, organic this and organic that.

Going green isn’t the problem, it’s where to start. It’s helpful to have some simple, manageable steps you can take at your own pace. The following list contains Do-It-Yourself projects for your home, which you can accomplish whenever the mood takes you.

Green DIY House Projects


door sweepSeal Up the Doors: Improve your comfort with weather stripping. Energy loss is a pain in the butt, not just in winter, but during the scorching summer heat. That is, unless you like paying painfully high electrical bills for using the AC? Weather stripping is inexpensive and easily installed around doors and windows. You can do the entire home in hours. If you want an energy-saving cherry on top, install a door sweep to exterior doors and prevent drafts.

Plant a Garden:There are so many benefits to a garden and eating wasn’t the top reason for me. Just working in the soil and helping things grow relieved so much stress from my life; I became more productive at work. You don’t have to start big or even invest in expensive tools, like a rototiller. Try a few pots and planters; raise some herbs or tomato plants. Growing your own food isn’t just emotionally rewarding, it’s a healthier, financially beneficial lifestyle improvement.


Cut back on Water Waste: One of the best ways to improve your bathroom and monthly budget is to cut back on water use. That means installing low flow fixtures. It only takes a few minutes to put in a low-flow showerhead, and the selections are amazing. Another option is to install a faucet aerator, which will drastically cut back on water use. Another thing you can do to save water is to install water efficient toilets in your home. Look for a WaterSense label when you go shopping. If this isn’t an option, change the water level in the toilet. A simple way to do this is to displace it with a two-liter bottle filled with water to weigh it down. Place the bottle in the water tank, and change the amount of water used with each flush. Don’t make the mistake of putting decomposing materials, such as bricks, rocks or metal in the tank; as this will contaminate the water and potentially harm your pipes.

fluorescent bulbsChange the Light Bulbs: Simple, fast and efficient, this is the easiest project you’re likely to find in the home, but it makes a huge difference. Florescent bulbs should take the place of every incandescent bulb you have in your home. They cost a bit more in the beginning, but they last up to ten times longer and use almost 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. That means savings both on the purchase and electric bills.

Clean the Clutter: Believe it or not, you might be sitting on a pile of gold. The clutter you have around your home, such as clothes, toys and items you no longer use, could be a godsend to someone in need. Designate a place in your home to collect items during the week or month as you clean, repair, etc. When you have a big enough collection, donate the items to your favorite charity.

Create Cleaning Rags: A great use for old t-shirts you no longer use is to cut them up into cleaning rages. Use them for the house or in the car. My daughters got the idea to take several layers, including strips from old jeans and sew them into colorful coasters.

Preserve your Food by dehydrating: Try a three-in-one project—preserving your food so it doesn’t spoil, develop food storage for your family and do it all while building your very own solar dehydrator. The best plan I have seen or used came from instructables, where people share what they make with the community. Check it out!

Sites for great DIY ideas/instruction

Want to find other fun and fantastic projects you can do on your own?  Then spend a little time online and check out these clever websites that provide all the info and inspiration you’ll need.

Do It Yourself: The name says it all. You’ll find a huge list of projects, which look as easy as they do on Home Depot commercials. Build yourself a patio, choose from interior design possibilities or stick with basics like light fixtures and kitchen cabinets. It even has car maintenance projects.


Green Upgrader: Check out the DIY blog for the steps on how to make green an everyday part of your life. Simple tips, tricks and habit builders to make your life better. Thorough information you can use today.

Lifehacker: This is one of my all-time favorites, because it’s all about getting things done. Find lists of projects with links to the how-to process, which includes a ton of creative, ingenious transformations using spare items.

Have fun and learn something new by engaging yourself in a project that will improve your own environment. Have thoughts, suggestions or a perspective on this this? Leave us a comment below.


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