Sep 112014

Bugatti_Veyron_01Tired of importing in your 3dsmax scenes 3d cars models with big sizes of Bytes? For all the architects or designers, renderers, I leave here a collection of  3dmodels of Cars in 3d, (low poly), for using when we dont have time  for our renderings and for the lack of  Ram memory, that is a big problem when is time to render.





4630840940 7ba918bcb1 o 8,000 bloques gratis de Autocad para Descargar 3D CARS MODEL Downloads links:

Download Low Poly Cars (Free)

Audi R8 BMW 7S Bogatti Charg
Gellardo H3 Jaguar Maybach Cope
Maybach Mer SLR Mercedes CLS Phantom


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