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wooden vx pvc doorsYour front and back doors are the most important in your home as they are the ones that you rely on for security. It is vital that your external doors – and windows – are secure as these are the points of access to your home. It is also important for them to be weather proof and attractive.

There are many different materials that can be used to external doors but the majority are either made form UPVC or wood; each material is completely different so each has its own advantages and disadvantages as a front door.
If you think you’re ready for a new front door, or you just fancy a change then you should probably consider both options. Take a look at the advantages of both to help inform your final decision.


–    The most popular door material of the modern day
–    It is a great insulator
–    Doesn’t require much maintenance and it’s easy to clean if it does get dirty.
–    There’s a lot of variety when it comes to UPVC doors. You can have the traditional white or go for a brighter  colour or even a wood effect.


–    The security level is up to you; there is a lot of choice when it comes to the handles and locks that you may require.
–    Weather resilient and long lasting as they aren’t affected by rot, rust or decay.
–    Insulators: UPVC doors are great for reducing household bills as they reduce heat loss.
–    They can have a weather proof strip put onto them to avoid drafts.
–    They can be scratched easily and have to repaired by professionals
–    They don’t require much maintenance but if they need repairing it is not cheap.

Solid Wood

puerta-abatible-de-madera-maciza–    As a natural insulator, wood is brilliant, but you have to be aware that wood will rot if you don’t use the correct treatment on it.
–    Maintenance: Wooden doors will need to be treated and redecorated every five years or so. In the long term this is not that often but compared to a UPVC door it is. The good thing about having to retreat and decorate your door is that it is made to look brand new again and you can have a different colour every time if you like.
–    If damage occurs on your door, wood is easy and cheap to repair.
–    Although wood is a great insulator wooden doors are not as hardy as UPVC door and you may suffer with draughts; however, this is a problem that can be simply solved with a draught excluder.
–    Wooden doors are also more expensive than UPVC doors and if you need a door that is anything other than standard then the cost may increase further.

This article was written by Jamie Wallace, an interior designer who would always choose wooden doors; he wrote the article on behalf of

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