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pisos de viniloWhilst it can be easy to overlook the flooring when redesigning a kitchen, choosing the right kitchen floor coverings really can alter the overall look of the finished room. Although you may have a notion of what you would like in the back of your mind, before making a decision ensure you have covered the practicalities.

Underfloor heating for example is, as a rule, a no no with wooden floors, and whichever floor covering you choose must be suitably sealed – or sealable – for use in the kitchen.

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Sep 112014

climatizacion-de-piscinasImagine coming home from work to your home and dive into your pool no matter how cold outdoors.  The pool heating using heaters can extend the swimming season and enjoy the pool for a few months, if the pool does not have a structure that meets or why not, throughout the year if we are fortunate to have an indoor pool or having some kind of cover.
A few years ago, when the construction of pools of home was just beginning to take off and sales still grew somewhat slower step, certain benefits, such as the heating of swimming pools, had a high cost and install was complicated and even fewer useful because often the equipment used for this purpose were inadequate. Continue reading »

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tela asfalticaThe asphalt roofing felt is a material used in waterproofing of terraces and roofs consisting of an asphalt-saturated felt, coated with another layer of asphalt resistant mineral fiber, fiberglass, asbestos or other organic stabilizer.

The weathered layer also carries a layer of mineral granules. Also called roofing’s board, roofing felt, felt waterproof.

membranas asfalticas

For the installation of asphalt roofing felt must be applied before a bituminous painting called  Liptol that used to weld the asphalt with the limelight the grip between this and the base where it is applied to get a good grip. If you want to get a perfect isolation from the surface to be waterproofed apply two layers of asphalt, an interior first placed in one direction and another interior aluminum or in crossed position, getting a perfect insulation. To kill union pores and protect the top layer apply the Liptol with the brush across the surface. About this isolation can apply asphalt mortar, mortar and tile or without any other material added.

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Sep 112014

avandalucia1GAlso known as tension structures, tensile structures are architectural forms created from tensioned membranes that provide designers and end users a variety of aesthetic free-form canopy designs. The tensile structure is a construction system based on lightweight structures, basically used as hedges.

These structures achieve great stability combining and balancing the strength of rigid items (posts, arches, etc.) with the versatility and adaptability of flexible elements (banners and cables).

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8116958465 50313c67cf My top tips for staying safe during roof repairWhen spring comes around not only should you be looking at cleaning your garage or shed out, you should also add roofing maintenance to your list of tasks. The weather isn’t as crazy in the spring which means less delays and more money in your pocket.

Installing and fixing roofs is extremely hazardous and can be extremely pricey. Most home owners attempt to avoid it. I stress that maintaining your roof is super important. And it would be best to plan your time wisely. Here’s why Spring is the best time to do it.

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What You Need To Consider When Purchasing Your First Home

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Sep 112014

consejos comprar-casa

If you are in the market for a new home, whether you are shopping for one on your own or with your spouse, the process can be an exciting one, but it can also be a frustrating one, especially if you are on a tight budget or you have high expectations for what your first home should be able to provide you.

When it comes to house hunting, you need to have a few things in mind in order to keep the process running as smoothly as possible and to reduce the potential level of frustration that you will need to deal with.

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Atlantis, The PalmThe Atlantis Hotel is a luxury resort located in the heart of The Palm Jumeirah, the palm-shaped island, and like many hotels is an attraction in itself, with an architectural design that mimics the Atlantis hotel Paradse Island in the Bahamas.

This luxury hotel has 1539 rooms and comprises two towers joined by a pink color bridge.  It also has made other areas of entertainment that make it appealing to anyone who travels to Dubai for business, tourism.


Among them has a 42-acre water park called Aquaventure, with pools extensive fresh and salt water, a marine habitat situated not far from her long, lovely beach, luxury boutiques, a variety of restaurants, a nightclub, spa and Fitness Club, and 60,000 square feet of meeting and function space. A temple “Ziggurat” with eight waterslides, including a slide through an acrylic tunnel in a pool of sharks.

It has two monorail stations connecting the resort with the entire main section of the Palm Jumeirah.


One thing that makes staring at the Atlantis is the Bridge Suite. The most expensive room in the world, with 10 connecting rooms inside, it costs a whopping $ 25,000 a day.

hotel2The luxuries are endless in this hotel, from the decor of the suite, with gold from their materials, even room service or services of Atlantis. The Suite includes its own butler, bar lounge and 12 foot ceilings.  The Atlantis in Dubai is definitely a spectacular hotel.

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Pressure Washers 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Pressure Washers

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Sep 112014

A pressure washer is an extremely handy piece of equipment that is suited to just about any home. You can use a pressure washer for a wide variety of tasks, including spraying down and cleaning your outside walls, preparing the inside of your home for an upcoming painting and decorating job, or even cleaning the dog’s kennel to remove those nasty whiffs and smells. Additionally, if you purchase the right type of washer for your home you can enjoy using it for many years to come. This post will introduce you to the various uses and models of pressure washer.

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Sep 112014

sistema vigilanciaThere are a wide range of home safety systems which are now available to protect yourself and your family. Systems which monitor home break-ins such as CCTV camera systems and security systems are extremely popular, as are systems which monitor the presence of fire in the home.

Currently CCTV systems  are available to any organization, company or family, and its applications have virtually no limit. We can say that there is a facility for all levels and requirements.

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Son-recomendables-los-decks-de-plásticoAn out side deck area is both functional and if built tastefully can make you home very attractive as well. Unfortunately if the old deck was not well built, you can easily end up with a ugly monster after a couple of years of discolored warn wood and rust stains. There is nothing worse than a falling apart decking that becomes a loosing battle of repair.

A deck is also an ideal platform to provide beauty to you home, large pots full of explosions of colorful flowers look great and can produce a pleasant fragrance in the air.

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