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crystal_palaceGlass was discovered, apparently by accident, nearly 4000 years ago and has since evolved into one of our most used and most revered materials. It was only 2000 years ago that the fabrication of glass progressed to being able to create sheets strong enough to be used as windows and architectural features.

Today glass is used in everything from revolving doors to skywalks and interior partitions and is one of our most striking architectural materials with a fascinating history.


The Starts of Glass in Architecture

gothics windows

When glass was first used in architecture and construction, the limitations of masonry and weaker building materials implied that its prominence was restricted to small windows. With developments in construction, this began to change and by the Medieval Era glass started to be used as more of a decorative feature than simply a way to let light in. The trend for tall, stone Gothic churches facilitated the use of elaborate glass windows made up from fragments of coloured glass and depicting striking biblical scenes. These windows related the stories of the bible to an illiterate populace and spurned the architectural trend of searching for transparency, luminosity and weightlessness through glass.

Crystal_Palace 2

The Next Big Step in Glass

It wasn’t until the 19th century that glass in architecture took its next important step forward. Before this time, the manufacturing process itself restricted the use of glass to only small sheets, which is illustrated in the prominent use of cottage pane glass and intricately divided windows in 18th century architecture.

The introduction of iron and other materials during this time meant that glass could take on a whole new role in architecture. Thanks to the materials now existing to hold it in place, coupled with the new ability to mass produce large sheets, the possibilities for the use of glass in construction became nearly limitless. Architects began to experiment with things like conservatories and entire walls of glass that were held together by high trussed steel arches and finger fixings. The Crystal Palace constructed in 1851 represents the most ambitious glass architectural projects of its time – a construction made up of 300 000 sheets of glass.


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Sep 112014

clip_image002It’s Wednesday. We saw the week in half, but you’re probably feeling a bit down. It’s the Wednesday morning blues. The office cubicle you work in doesn’t look very inviting either. If this sounds like you then please read on and let me educate you in the Chinese ancient art of Feng Shui.

It can help you with positive Chi (energy) and if you follow Feng Shui properly, even good fortune will fall upon you. The elements of the ancient art will give you a more supporting and relaxed environment.

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tipos revestimiento piscinaFrom the placement, to the shape, to the accessories, your pool is like your own personal fashion model, designed solely by you. Choosing pool tile is like selecting the perfect shoes to match your outfit, it can make or break the overall atmosphere and look.

Not only does pool tile keep scum lines at bay, it also has the ability to give your pool the “hey, look at me” kind of attitude.

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Sep 112014

vacuum elevator 2When age degenerative diseases strike the elderly, carers can be of great help, but elderly and disabled people can regain their independence with use of a home elevator. They are quiet, convenient and simple to use.

Home elevators can be installed in modern residences, as they can increase the value of the home whilst providing a practical mobility solution for the elderly or disabled. The wonders of technological advancements have allowed major companies to provide affordable mobility solutions to the elderly and disabled. The home elevators can be installed both inside and outside the home and they are safe to use.

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iluminacion decorativaWhether you’re having a romantic moment, a party or just need to see in a dark room, light and ambiance means a lot to any room. A romantic setting, for example, may require dimmer lighting, perhaps provided by candle light or dimmers, and a party may require bright colors and lots of bright light.

Knowing the different kinds of lighting can influence the vibe and tone of the whole room you’re trying to light.

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DIY Epoxy Flooring Guide

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Jun 102014

epoxi Pavimento-Piso-00Epoxy is a type of paint that is commonly used on the floors of commercial buildings and garages. Epoxy is used because it helps the floor be strong and maintainable, and it protects the floor from being eroded and sullied by water, oil, dirt, and the various other substances that can stain a floor.

There are many different types of epoxy floorings that serve different purposes depending on the needs of the buildings. Some of the different uses for various epoxy floorings include being: Decorative, Anti-slipping, Antistatic and easy to clean.

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Abr 282014

glass pool fence pricesProtect your pool and your children with a safe and durable frameless glass pool fence.
Frameless glass is the ultimate in  design fences systems. Providing security, strength and security offered style, extremely durable and retains the beauty of its surroundings, keeping an open view.

Glass pool fencing is the contemporary solution to a modern and elegant pool environment. The virtually invisible lines provide an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing appearance and the clean and open design can enhance your outdoor areas like not possible with other fence types.

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Apartment Vs. Homes: Which One Should You Opt For?

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Feb 282014

casa-familiarApartments or houses? Houses or apartments? This is a never ending debate among prospective homeowners. While some are more drawn towards the “openness” of an independent house, others prefer the convenience and community feel that apartments offer.

In case you too are stuck between the two options, here is a well-balanced list of pros and cons that can help you make a decision, although a lot will depend on your personal preferences and how much these factors really matter to you.

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