5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

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Sep 112014

Designing your perfect kitchen sometimes takes just a flash of inspiration; an object, a piece of furniture or a colour can give you the ideas and before you know it, the room has taken shape.

A Statement Piece

If you have a wonderful log burner in your kitchen, you could design a beautiful cosy family kitchen around just one piece of equipment. Take the log burner and arrange everything else around it -you’ll be in good company as celebrities love to boast about how great their wood burning stoves look. Lily Allen and celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall love theirs. Check out magazines for ways to accessorise and match your fashionable centre piece in style, and make sure you factor in enough ventilation when you plan your room – a wood burner needs to be well ventilated to work properly.

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Sep 112014

arquitectura futurista

Futuristic architecture was an art movement of the early twentieth century who rejected the traditional aesthetics and tried to glorify contemporary life, based on two key issues:  the machine and motion.  Its purpose was to awaken the world of cultural apathy that was sunk from the late eighteenth century, attacked the museums and academies, the worship of ancient art and all the other times. Continue reading »

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Sep 112014


In countries across the world, thieves break into homes and steal possessions from the homeowners. In fact, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007. All Some do this when the residents are gone, but others do it when the residents are there, endangering their safety.

According to the United States Bureau of Justice, there are four main types of burglaries:

– Attempted forcible entry is when someone tries to break into a home but fails.

– Forcible entry is when someone successfully breaks into your home – usually by breaking through a window or a door.

– Unlawful entry without force is anytime someone enters a home they have no legal right to be in.

Completed burglary includes any unauthorized entrance into a residence, with or without force.

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Sep 112014

alarmas para el hogarThe security of your home should be priority number one, as you are more likely to be burgled if you are not keeping on top of your home security.

Simple tasks such as locking windows and doors at night and before leaving the home should be made on instinct, but not every homeowner is going to be as quick to do this, so there are a number of security solutions available that can do a lot of the work for you.

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4 Benefits Of Using An LED Light System

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Sep 112014

Here, I’ve listed some reasons and benefits of using LED systems and why you should be considering it for your premises.

5450543465 cfea651128 Why every homeowner should be considering a switch to LED lightsYou may have noticed that more and more flashlights have started to incorporate LED into their design, and that the same is true of car headlights. In fact, lighting systems of all types are now starting to use LEDs, and there are many reasons that they are becoming the preferred choice in both businesses and homes.

In case you do not understand why they are becoming so popular, here are some basic reasons that you too should be considering LEDs for your premises.

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Sep 112014

outdoor-wall-fountainsThere are more aspects to completing a gorgeous garden than merely planting flower or vegetables. All over the world, gardening enthusiasts design and create luxurious garden scenes for all who visit to enjoy.

The type and layout of a garden ultimately depends on the ambiance the gardener would like to portray. Many gardeners are now considering installing wall fountains into their gardens as a way to incorporate serenity into their landscapes.

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Sep 112014

persiana enrollable en telaRoller blinds offer the perfect combination of style and function, and they come in a wide array of fabrics to suit any decor.

These simple, yet elegant window coverings are perfect for blocking out unwanted sunlight, and keeping your living space looking great. Retractable roller shades are simple, effective, and stylish enough for any room in the house.

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How To Purify The Air In Your Home

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Sep 112014

limpieza-de-casasA recent research has shown that people tend to spend more the 80% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, the quality of indoor air can be up to five times worse than the outdoor air. If we constantly expose ourselves, or worse – our children, on polluted air, we threaten the health of everyone in our family.

That is why it is very important to know how to maintain the indoor air at home pure. This is the only way to provide healthy and safe environment for our family. But how can we improve the air at home? Sometimes this can be a very big challenge and that is why we decided to prepare you to accept it. Here are some useful tips.

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Heating Systems 101: Electric Underfloor Heating Explained

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Sep 112014


One of the most popular heating systems nowadays seems to be underfloor heating. This type of system can sit below floors made of concrete, wood or tile, and can even be installed underneath a carpeted surface.

This is a fantastic alternative to radiators and will ensure that the floors of your home are warm and extremely comfortable to walk on. There are two specific types of underfloor heating system, namely a water-based system which is driven by pumps and the alternative is known as the “dry system” which is operated by electric. This post will concentrate on the workings of electric underfloor heating systems.

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10 Ideas For An Impactful Kitchen Design

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Sep 112014

Remodeling your kitchen can often be a nail biting experience especially if you don’t know what to expect once it is completed. The best way to avoid the unexpected is to plan your remodeling. You should know exactly what you want, it should be visualized and the person who is working on your kitchen needs to understand this.

Everything right down to the color and the style of the kitchen needs to be agreed upon before anything takes place. Below we discuss 10 of the best kitchen design ideas which should help you come up with a modern and bold design.

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