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robots aspiradoras automaticasWouldn’t it be incredible if there were a robot vacuum cleaner that could keep the floors in the whole house spotless? Wouldn’t it be great to not ever have to sweep again because a remarkable machine did it all? No, it is not a dream, it is a reality. There are several and they are the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

First off, iRobot is a corporation that distributes a line of unique, self-reliant robotic floor cleaners named Roombas.

Moreover, it is an American boosted engineering company that uses design logic to build its robotic vacuum cleaners. Up to now, over 6 million of these cleansers have been sold. Numerous variations of the Roomba have been constructed to clean in a faultless manner, with more proficient ways of working around objects in its path.

In fact, all of the examples of vacuums are fantastic. Maneuvering at merely 60 decibels, with a height of precisely 90mm, the Roboking will effortlessly attend to the floor cleaning. Roboking has a dust pan that comes out to empty and it docks itself for charging.

lg-robot aspiradora-cleaner-v-r4000

Next, Scooba is a robotic mop that scrubs hard floors. Former models involved either a particular non-bleach cleansing solvent to wash hard flooring with. More novel units may use plain water or cleaner. Various versions have been marketed.

What is more, for $74 million, iRobot recently acquired Evolution Robotics, who make the Evolution Mint robot that cleans floors. This cleaner is known for its innovative navigation and room mapping scheme. Both these systems are far more advanced than the iRobot’s Roomba and Scooba, so speculation has it that this new technology will be incorporated into what they all ready have, or new models will appear on the market.

roomba 530  ROBOT LIMPIADORThen there is the Neato, a laser based robot. It can be used in any room, even when one is not home. Just set it and go because it can work when scheduled. Neato is also able to map items in the room, so it can avoid bumps into anything. Think of the freedom this gives a person to do more important things.

Lastly, Iclebo is less expensive than other self-directed vacuums. Also, this robot has sensors that allow it to distinguish surroundings so as to not hit up against corners, stairs and furniture. Simply schedule what time and how long you want iClebo to Vacuum Clean each and every day.

Julien Mort writes for Autovacstore Singapore, a leading store for home equipments including robotic cleaners like the Neato and Roboking.

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