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calefaccion electricaElectric heating is one of the best alternatives to cater for the needs of our home temperature; its advantages are much more beneficial than heating linked to boilers for gas or devices that work by hazardous fuels that can cause accidents.

Electric heating offers the possibility of having the thermoelectric emitters, these are oil radiators in which heat transmission takes place via a thermal oil which is heated by armoured electrical resistance of special steel.

This system has several advantages: each radiator works with a resistance and can be plugged into any place; This allows to have a heating system without doing any kind of work because it does not pose nor pipes or boilers.

Another advantage of this electric heating system is that after you turn it off, it continuous radiating heat over several hours; unlike the conventional centralized water radiators, oil does not produce any internal pressure. In order to obtain a constant temperature, it carry a thermostat and a programmer so it can turn off and turn on even when we are not at home.


This type of heating system does not require fuel, whose emissions may pose a threat to our family and for the environment, it does not produce gases or odors, is extremely safe because it does not represent a risk of explosion and does not need tanks or tanks that may be susceptible to leaks


Advantages of Electric Heating

To summarize the advantages provided by electrical heating systems are:

  • Is an efficient use of energy.
  • It is safe. A correct electrical installation ensures the safety of use of the heating, as is the case with other electrical appliances..
  • Always available, because it uses electricity.
  • It’s clean. No combustion, smoke, residue or odor, It does not consume oxygen and not thin environment
  • You can schedule and automate with great simplicity.
  • Its performance is very high, so that it takes practically all power that is consumed.
  • It is individual for each home or premises. In a condominium, each user is solely responsible for their own consumption.
  • It does not require complicated installation or spaces dedicated to them, such as boiler room, fuel tank, chimneys, etc..
  • It’s comfortable. Allows you to choose the temperature of each room to user preferences. Independent regulation by room takes advantage of the free contributions of heat and preventsoverheating of the atmosphere inside.
  • It has very little or no maintenance.
  • Another one of the main advantages of electric heat is the fact that nearly every place in the world has the infrastructure to deliver electricity.  Therefore, heat can be provided at no additional cost or investment in infrastructure. This makes it a very easy choice, especially when heat is needed very quickly, as may be the case in some areas.


The disadvantage of  the home electric heating is that it can get expensive if several radiators are placed, and can even force to hire more light output.



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