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Although the Jacuzzi bath has been available in the market for quite a long already, some people still have unanswered questions and unresolved inquiries about it. One reason for this is that not many people are able to afford to purchase a Jacuzzi bath of their own, and even if they are able to use one many times over the past, they had to share with several other people who are mostly strangers to them so there are less chances of any conversations taking place.

Here are some questions that majority of the public ask about the mentioned bathing fixture.

  • How is a Jacuzzi bath able to make a person relax?

The answer to that question is quite simple actually. The warm water that tends to circulate around the area of the Jacuzzi bath loosens up the person’s knotted muscles. When the body is tired, the muscles that make up the whole body are knotted together due to the strain or effort of using them, or it can also be because the person is very tense to the muscles tend to go stiff.

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Through the use of the warm, the blood of the person who is enjoying the Jacuzzi bath warm up. When this happens, the body’s body circulation tends to speed up so those muscles which have been tense or rigid are given blood that is rich in oxygen at a faster rate. The oxygen rich blood gives the muscles new life so the knotted ones unravel and the rigid ones become flexible once again.

This is the whole reason why a person becomes more relaxed after a good soaking in a Jacuzzi. The same theory also applies to a whirlpool bath when the person uses warm water, although it is very seldom that somebody chooses to use cold water in a bath.

  • Is there a specific time frame for a person to use a Jacuzzi bath?

There is no clear answer to this question since many people are able to take lounging in a Jacuzzi bath for as long as an hour. However if you are one of those people who are born with very sensitive skin, you might want to consult your physician first as to how long you can stay submerged in a whirlpool bath.

This way you can avoid any unnecessary emergencies that might arise just because you have stayed too long in a whirlpool bath.

  • If I have my own Jacuzzi bath, should I use treated water or ordinary water?

Some people opted to use treated water for their Jacuzzi and whirlpool bath because it helps them keep the bacteria away from the stored water. However there are also some people who very much preferred to use natural water for their Jacuzzi bath because they use their Jacuzzis for relaxation purposes and so using natural water helps in that objective while they say that treated water makes them feel like they are just staying in a churning swimming pool if they use it in their whirlpool bath.


Article written by Andrew Ellis from experts in whirlpool and Jacuzzi baths .

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