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pdf-to-autocadIf you’re a professional AutoCAD user, it is likely that you often share your designs and plans with your clients, supervisors or other interested users. AutoCAD is highly specialized tool and most average users don’t know how to open and view its native DWG files.

That being said, chances are that you often export your drawings to PDF before emailing them to clients for consideration and approval. If your clients request edits to your designs, you can easily go back to your original DWG file, make changes and generate another PDF of the improved plan.

But, it is also possible that a project customer sends you a design or plan in PDF and requests that you improve it or use it as a starting point for your project. Without the original drawing in DWG it is not an easy and quick affair. Although it is possible to recreate the PDF in AutoCAD, it is not the fastest and most productive way to meet this need.

The most productive way to export PDF drawings into DWG is to use a professional and precise PDF conversion tool like Able2Extract. It is a leading PDF solution for extracting PDF data into other formats for document and information processing and analysis.

For example, it allows users to convert PDF to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, text, HTML, and even open source formats like OpenOffice. Able2Extract also supports exporting PDF drawings to DWG format. Although its capabilities and a vast number of conversion options may make it sound complicated and difficult to master, in reality it is quite the opposite.

Steps to export PDF drawings to DWG

You can export PDF drawings to DWG in only three steps using intuitive and user-friendly software interface:

1. Open your PDF and preview it in Able2Extract’s inbuilt PDF viewer by clicking the Open icon on the toolbar.


2. Select the drawings you want to export to DWG format by choosing the appropriate conversion option on the toolbar. To export the entire PDF file, click All. To select only one drawing or any part of the PDF, select the Area icon and then use your mouse or touchpad to pinpoint the desired drawing(s).


3. Click the AutoCAD icon on the toolbar to specify your conversion option.


The PDF to AutoCAD option dialog appears on the screen where you only need to make sure that DWG format is checked and click the Convert button.


That is all there is to it! After that, you only need to choose the location where you want to save your converted drawing or simply to confirm that you want it saved in the same folder as the original PDF file. Shortly after, your drawing will be accurately converted to DWG, ready for further editing in AutoCAD.

As you can see from the image above, users with more specific PDF to DWG conversion needs can also specify their preferred color palette, default conversion setting and some additional options.

It is important to note that Able2Extract handles native PDF to DWG conversion. This means that the best PDF to DWG results are achieved with PDFs originally generated from AutoCAD.

In conclusion, Able2Extract PDF converter provides a very productive way for unlocking drawings from PDF to DWG (or DXF).

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