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The role of the kitchen in the family household has changed a lot in recent years and it is now a lot more than just somewhere where the food preparation takes places. The dining table now tends to reside in the kitchen which has helped it to become a hub of family activity. The children can now sit in the same room as their parents while dinner is being prepared and the making and eating of food have developed into much more family inclusive experiences.

So now that the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house you may want to ensure that it shows off your personality and that it is the stylish centre of the home that it deserves to be. So whether you are creating your new kitchen from scratch or looking at just remodelling your existing one; here are some great ways to add style in abundance.

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Sep 112014

lawnPestDo you ever wonder what pest control is really costing you? Apart from the quarterly pinch felt by your wallet when professionals visit to combat your pests, consider the deposits that linger for days, weeks or months afterward. Professionals apply a chemical formulated to kill living organisms; how safe can it really be? Are there safer options?

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If you don’t have to struggle with the choice between a hot tub and a swimming pool then things are looking pretty good for you but for the majority of people being able to have one would be a luxury. Choosing between a hot tub and a swimming pool though can be difficult, especially if you haven’t got the advantage of being able to recall experiences in both.

A lot of people think that a hot tub and swimming poolare very similar and that one’s just smaller than the other, this isn’t the case though, they are actually both very different.


pool is a lot bigger than a hot tub which in some respects is a huge advantage but in others it’s a definite disadvantage. The fact that a pool is large means that it’s great for exercise, fun and games for all the family and it’s a great venue for parties. However, its size means that you’re giving up more of your land – which is you have a lot isn’t a problem – and it’s likely to cost more too.

If you choose to invest in a swimming pool then the whole family is guaranteed to be able to use it at the same time, you can purchase waterslides, inflatables and diving boards and there’ll still be enough room for a relaxing swim.


In a hot tub on the other hand there’s probably only enough room for five or six people comfortably, which is fine if there won’t be many people using it and you want to minimise the garden space that you’ll be losing but as opposed to a pool, a hot tub is purely for relaxation. The intention is to sit in it on a freezing night in the middle of winter with a glass of your favourite wine and relax whereas if you choose to have a pool built then you can relax, have fun, throw a party or do exercise as and when you want to.

Piscinas desmontable elevadas 2

The cost is another thing to think about when you’re considering whether or not a pool or a hot tub is the right choice for you. Although the maintenance costs of the two are very much the same the initial costs can differ massively.

If you choose to have a pool built then you’re looking at anything from around £20,000 upwards whereas hot tubs can cost anything from around £3,000 up to around £20,000 depending on the size and functions.
The choice between the two should definitely depend on how you’ll use it but if you’re looking for somewhere you can relax, entertain and have fun with the family then a swimming pool is definitely the choice for you.

Gemma Lyons has quite a large garden but had struggled to decide between a hot tub for the adults and a swimming pool for the whole family until she contacted and saw how a swimming pool could improve her entire garden.

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pool for exercise
Endless Pools are a product designed for exercise in the water that is more convenient that having a large swimming pool built in your garden or inside your home. It is small enough to fit in your home or office.The Endless Pool allows you to adjust the flow and allows you to swim or exercise in the same place. The current is broad and deep,and is suitable for all types of swimming skills and physical needs. It also lets you set the temperature precisely, based on preferencesand needs.

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tela asfalticaThe asphalt roofing felt is a material used in waterproofing of terraces and roofs consisting of an asphalt-saturated felt, coated with another layer of asphalt resistant mineral fiber, fiberglass, asbestos or other organic stabilizer.

The weathered layer also carries a layer of mineral granules. Also called roofing’s board, roofing felt, felt waterproof.

membranas asfalticas

For the installation of asphalt roofing felt must be applied before a bituminous painting called  Liptol that used to weld the asphalt with the limelight the grip between this and the base where it is applied to get a good grip. If you want to get a perfect isolation from the surface to be waterproofed apply two layers of asphalt, an interior first placed in one direction and another interior aluminum or in crossed position, getting a perfect insulation. To kill union pores and protect the top layer apply the Liptol with the brush across the surface. About this isolation can apply asphalt mortar, mortar and tile or without any other material added.

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8116958465 50313c67cf My top tips for staying safe during roof repairWhen spring comes around not only should you be looking at cleaning your garage or shed out, you should also add roofing maintenance to your list of tasks. The weather isn’t as crazy in the spring which means less delays and more money in your pocket.

Installing and fixing roofs is extremely hazardous and can be extremely pricey. Most home owners attempt to avoid it. I stress that maintaining your roof is super important. And it would be best to plan your time wisely. Here’s why Spring is the best time to do it.

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What is a cantilevered or floating staircase?


Floating staircases are a popular design  stair  in which the treads are fixed to a wall without visible stringers. This makes the treads appear to float , hence the name. At their most basic, you will have nothing more than staircase treads – literally coming out of the wall. With a typically floating staircase, you attach the treads to a wall which is done by driving the treads into it, or using a bracket to give the staircase treads support .

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glasstec2006_6Do you dare to install a glass staircase in your home or office?  When we think about a glass staircase the first thing that comes to our heads is how dangerous they can be if they break, but the truth is that the technology with which they are made, makes them capable of withstanding the weight of 4 people of medium texture.

These stairs are notable for their modern designs, which are ideal for reception of minimalist environments or public spaces. Glass stairs besides provide a function in our house, turn out to be something decorative, especially if we use a minimalist design on the inside of the space where you are.

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A Guide To Concrete Flooring

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imageEvery flooring type comes with its own set of pros and cons. At the end of the day, the right flooring option will provide a homeowner with a surface that is practical, within their budget and in line with their personal tastes.

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outdoor-window-shuttersIf you own a home with somewhat of a drab exterior, one simple solution to your spice up the entire look of your home is with exterior shutters.  Exterior shutters add dimension and additional color to your seemingly lifeless home.

Easy to Build

The best part about exterior shutters is how easy they can be to build; depending upon your skill level and the style you are after.  One trip to the hardware store and a few hours spent over a weekend could vastly improve the look of your home. 

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