Sep 112014

escalera con diseno minimalsita

A good option for those who are building or remodeling their house and want to give a touch of distinction,modernity and elegance to it, is adding minimalist staircase .

Nowaday the stairs have  become part of the world of design. Stairs leading-edge models stand out for the simplicity and the use of non-conventional materials for its construction. We can find really dazzling options for any environment. How simple is becoming stronger in the modern stairs construction.

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The Best Shower Enclosures For Those With Mobility Difficulties

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Sep 112014

CAINAS DUCHA DISCAPACITADOIf you find you’re having trouble moving about, you might be thinking there are a lot less activities you can do. Nowadays, this doesn’t necessarily need to be true. Technology is constantly finding ways to accommodate people with mobility difficulties. One area where this is definitely the case is showers.

Shower enclosures provide the necessary features for a quality shower, while addressing some of the issues you may have with moving around.

The best shower enclosures will have the following features.

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Sep 112014

calefaccion electricaElectric heating is one of the best alternatives to cater for the needs of our home temperature; its advantages are much more beneficial than heating linked to boilers for gas or devices that work by hazardous fuels that can cause accidents.

Electric heating offers the possibility of having the thermoelectric emitters, these are oil radiators in which heat transmission takes place via a thermal oil which is heated by armoured electrical resistance of special steel.

This system has several advantages: each radiator works with a resistance and can be plugged into any place; This allows to have a heating system without doing any kind of work because it does not pose nor pipes or boilers.

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Preparing For A Hurricane

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Sep 112014

hurricane_house_damageAs we saw with Hurricane Sandy, the end of the summer does not necessarily mean the end of hurricane season.  It’s never too early or too late to start planning for a hurricane and there are some things to take care of both before a hurricane and when the storm is impending. 

Boarding up windows, securing outdoor furniture in basements or sheds, getting your insurance in order, and having a proper emergency plan are just some of the things that should go into prepping for a hurricane.

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Sep 112014

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Photobucket imageFor people looking for the best interior design schools around the world, here is a list of five of the best of the best in terms of education, environment, facilities, faculties, and professional preparation.

Interior design schools can not beat the schools listed below.

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Sep 112014

porcelanatoPorcelain floor is one of the most expensive and most fragile types of floors that can be installed at your home. Even though its appearance can be highly elegant when recently installed, if proper care isn’t given to the porcelain tiles, it can eventually crack, stain or break.

Fortunately, the maintenance for porcelain floors is not that difficult you just have to follow some basic guidelines for taking care of the floor for its entire lifespan.

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Sep 112014

tuberia-pvc-flexibleIn the world of PVC not all pipes are created equal. There are different thicknesses, colors, and a wide range of sizes. In addition to all that, there is a relatively new type of pipe on the PVC scene – flexible PVC. Flex pipe (sometimes called hose or tubing) has a similar chemical makeup to rigid PVC, but it has added plasticizers that allow it to bend more easily.

Flexible PVC has gained popularity in some markets for its pliable properties, while some insist rigid PVC is superior. Which is best for your application? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each.

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How To Illuminate Your Kitchen And Bathroom

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Sep 112014

kitchen skylightsAre you looking for creative ways to brighten up your kitchen or bring a dreary bathroom to life? Illuminate these interior spaces and create your own light show with skylights.

Let It Shine With Skylights

Skylights are unique design elements which open up new angles of light and color for your interior spaces. Skylights have different effects upon design than conventional windows and lighting. With proper planning for aesthetics of lighting and architecture, and keeping energy efficiency in sight, you can achieve dramatic effects which bring your kitchen and bath to life.

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Sep 112014


If you have a party outdoors the chances are that before you know it the daylight is replaced by dusk, which quickly succumbs to darkness. Whilst outdoor parties are usually confined to being a pleasure of the summer – at least here in the UK – with the help of a chiminea or even an open fire, you can be sipping wine and be engrossed in conversation even on a dark winter’s night.

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Sep 112014

climatizacion-de-piscinasImagine coming home from work to your home and dive into your pool no matter how cold outdoors.  The pool heating using heaters can extend the swimming season and enjoy the pool for a few months, if the pool does not have a structure that meets or why not, throughout the year if we are fortunate to have an indoor pool or having some kind of cover.
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