Heating Systems 101: Electric Underfloor Heating Explained

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Sep 112014


One of the most popular heating systems nowadays seems to be underfloor heating. This type of system can sit below floors made of concrete, wood or tile, and can even be installed underneath a carpeted surface.

This is a fantastic alternative to radiators and will ensure that the floors of your home are warm and extremely comfortable to walk on. There are two specific types of underfloor heating system, namely a water-based system which is driven by pumps and the alternative is known as the “dry system” which is operated by electric. This post will concentrate on the workings of electric underfloor heating systems.

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Sep 112014

When the quality of your garden shed matters, forget the Internet specials and get serious by consulting with an all wood manufacturer of garden sheds and more. The UK is fortunate to have the craftsmen and woodworkers that have historically enhanced UK gardens with solid wood garden sheds and solid wood tool sheds.

When you think about your garden, you cannot overlook the importance of a sound, stable, weather resistant garden shed that fits quietly into its designated area.

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Sep 112014

Prices of central air conditioning units depend on various factors and not all air conditioners are created equally.  When pricing an A.C. unit, be informed as to what features will increase or decrease the cost. 

An air conditioner’s efficiency rating, its size, its outdoor sound rating and the time required for professional installation all play a role in the final price. There are some things homeowners can become aware of to help them determine and appreciate the variance in air conditioning unit costs.

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Sep 112014

3dsmax illumination

Here we bring you an Advanced Illumination Tips and Tricks with Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Combustion Video Tutorials, for those that want to learn more professional techniques using this great graphic softwares.
This session will present basic rules for digital color and illumination. We’ll use different techniques for advanced illumination, and standard and photometric lights for quick results. Included in the discussion will be a review of advanced illumination techniques with MAXScript and the new features of mental ray in Autodesk 3ds Max. We’ll use Autodesk Combustion for preparing different results, retouch our Max illumination for prepared FX, and change parameters like textures, colors, reflections.

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New Insulating Materials For Your Office

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Sep 112014

This piece provides a detailed description of the properties of ETFE foil and explains the numerous advantages that stand to be gained from using it.


If you are considering renovating your business’s premises you might be also looking for ways to lower energy bills through energy efficient construction. Reducing energy bills is becoming increasingly important among businesses, and as energy costs continue to rise company owners seek out new and innovative designs and materials they can incorporate into their building.

Regardless of the size of your business, you will greatly benefit from choosing a suitable and efficient insulator, and as such appropriate time should be spent reviewing this topic.

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Sep 112014

Home DecorMinimalistic décor is a very interesting concept to feature in your home. Often it is considered as a dull, cold and uninviting kind of decor. But the truth is quite far from this notion.

Minimalism is a decoration style that features a clutter less and organized look in an attractive manner. The fundamental idea is to clear the space of all unnecessary elements but maintain the décor aesthetics in a selected color scheme. Here are a few ideas to create a minimalistic look in your home. Continue reading »

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Sep 112014

5476501801 ae7ea4f016 Residential Lifts and Elevators for wheelchairs and disabledAccording to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of disabling injuries and injury-related deaths in the older adult population. CDC estimates that in 2010, the over 65-year-old population experienced 2.2 million non-fatal falls, about one third of which required hospitalization.

The inflation-adjusted direct medical costs of those falls was $30 Billion (with a B) dollars. Mishaps on home stairways are repeatedly cited as the single largest avoidable contributor to those falls.

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Sep 112014

modi cable tiesArranging for attractive Christmas lights need not necessarily be an expensive proposition. Cable ties can be used to spice up your Christmas decorations – without requiring you to spend much either. Here is how I and my wife went about using these zip ties to light up our Christmas last year.

Cable ties had never meant anything more to me than convenient tools to organize and declutter electrical wires. The idea that they could actually be used for home decoration purposes was first floated by my wife, two years back.

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The Latest Trends In Kitchen Designs

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Sep 112014

cocina modernaAre you getting tired of looking at your old kitchen appliances and dated kitchen cabinets?
Then it is probably time to consider changing your kitchen and making it new again. But before you dive right in, consider looking at the latest trends in kitchen designs to determine what you need to do to spruce up your space and make it look more modern and chic rather than boring and average.

To really make your kitchen stand out, consider adding some of these new design elements and kitchen appliances and features.

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How To Secure Your Home

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Sep 112014

Home is where the heart is; it’s where we raise our families and spend some of the best moments of our lives. It’s only natural to want to protect such a special place and the people in it.

With new security systems appearing on the market everyday it can be difficult to know how best to secure your home. Herewith then a number of useful home security tips:

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