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tela asfalticaThe asphalt roofing felt is a material used in waterproofing of terraces and roofs consisting of an asphalt-saturated felt, coated with another layer of asphalt resistant mineral fiber, fiberglass, asbestos or other organic stabilizer.

The weathered layer also carries a layer of mineral granules. Also called roofing’s board, roofing felt, felt waterproof.

membranas asfalticas

For the installation of asphalt roofing felt must be applied before a bituminous painting called  Liptol that used to weld the asphalt with the limelight the grip between this and the base where it is applied to get a good grip. If you want to get a perfect isolation from the surface to be waterproofed apply two layers of asphalt, an interior first placed in one direction and another interior aluminum or in crossed position, getting a perfect insulation. To kill union pores and protect the top layer apply the Liptol with the brush across the surface. About this isolation can apply asphalt mortar, mortar and tile or without any other material added.

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