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skydeck_02_lgThe modular aluminum formwork gives the builders working on an integrated prefabricated great for creating a wide range of products. This method of formwork is a new option for housing projects, generating efficiency, productivity and savings. On the other hand, this system panel allows in one day to empty walls and concrete slabs simultaneously due to its vacuum cycle, which also provides insurance earthquake resistant behavior.

The forms, have the function to the concrete as planned, providing stability as fresh concrete to ensure the protection and the correct placement of reinforcement.

Aluminum formwork system advantages :

– Is monolithic. It means that one day you can build the walls of the facade, interior walls and the slab of a home.
– It’s faster than any system because it is lightweight, easy to transport and manually assemble and disassemble.
– It’s versatile and modular. It has the flexibility to adapt to any shape.
– Labor-less specialized, as the system is very simple and few parts.
– Less cost, finishes, it leaves a better finish, with no “belly” or textures to hide.
– It keep the dimensions and geometry of the housing retaining angles 90 °.

Aluminium formworkThe modular aluminum formwork system allows the builders gain high speed with all the security and all types of design.The construction of concrete formwork system using modular is capable of orderly progress, progressive, fast and with quality. Keep the job clean and balanced and easy inventory control.

Using aluminum formwork system significantly reduces the time compared to the traditional system.

The  aluminum formwork  system is the most versatile on the market. The quality of materials used make it very durable and lightweight, allowing a long life and easy on the ability to exploit and transport manually, without a lot of weight equipment.

Aluminium formworkAluminium formwork can be used reused  more times  with careful handling and good maintenance. One of the biggest advantage of aluminium formworks has its unsur- passed construction speed. Compared to conventional construction procedures, use of aluminium formworks reduces floor completion cycle from 15 days to 4 to 5 days, primarily because of light weight nature enables fast erection and dismantling and simple system of pin & wedge makes the assembly easier. Pouring concrete together for walls, beams and floors and System ensures accuracy of dimensions without need for re-work and uncomplicated system  requiring use of minimum skilled labour.

The aluminum formwork system is the solution that guarantees the monolithic casting of all vertical and horizontal elements, reducing the construction phase of  the structure of any building.

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