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Spode Christmas Tree Kitchen Towels & AccessoriesThe holidays offer endless opportunities to have fun and spend time with family. If you’re on the hosting roster this year, you know that they can also bring stress and fatigue, especially if you feel as though your kitchen works against you! Instead of conceding to the dreaded fate of failure that stress can bring, utilize these five easy tips to prepare your kitchen for a fabulous holiday season.

1. Choose a Color Scheme 

Kitchens are known for pulling off cheerful colors, like bright yellows or burnt oranges, really well. Of course, you probably don’t have time to paint before your in-laws arrive. What you can do between now and then, however, is pull the color scheme of your kitchen together using everyday items and unique housewares.

Choose a color you want to highlight (red and green work well for the holidays), then coordinate your tea towels, washcloths, oven mitts, spoon rest and plant pots. You can also switch out a few pictures on your wall and bring color-coordinated cookbooks to the fore.

2. Decorate to Your Taste

Your kitchen’s decorations shouldn’t be based on the latest catalogue; they should reflect you. If they don’t, you’ll feel uncomfortable standing at your own stove. Purchase affordable housewares that make cooking fun and easy and reflect your sense of personal style. If you would never use a mandoline, don’t buy one. If you love that bright turquoise blender but aren’t sure your friends would approve, buy it anyway!

3. Take Note of What You Use 

Preparing your kitchen well involves more than simply improving its looks. You also have to make sure it’s functional. Before the holiday guests roll in, take inventory of what you use most often and what you’ll need for big holiday parties.

Set the food processor and utensil jars somewhere handy  and make sure you don’t block off the turkey platter when shoving extra items into cabinets.

4. Organize Like a Pro 

Organization is key. Only when everything has a proper place can you clean up effortlessly, without spending a lot of time thinking about where to put this and that. Stack bowls and platters intelligently, and place specialty items like the food mill and sugar duster in hard-to-reach cabinets.

If you’re having trouble corralling your dish soap, sponge, brush and washcloths, consider purchasing an under the counter kitchen organizer.

5. Leave Extra Space

Extra space is one of the most overlooked of holiday necessities. As guests arrive bearing food and gifts, it’s is the first thing to go, and suddenly you’re cramming cider bottles into the bathroom cabinet or loading them onto garage shelves. To avoid this problem, pick a few places to leave empty before guests arrive. Ideas include a vegetable drawer, a refrigerator shelf, an accessible cabinet, a section of the pantry, a drawer and spots on the wine rack.
No longer should you look at your kitchen and sigh. Instead, use these tips to spruce it up again and again and revel in the ease and comfort this central gathering place now affords.

+Jodi Call grew up all over the world, giving her a deep appreciation for different custom and cultures; this has translated into her home decorating skills. Read about her home décor tips and advice at

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