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powerhog-hucha-energiaWhen was the last time you took a look at your energy bills? I don’t mean just having a quick glance when you open the envelope, but instead an actual look where you tried to figure out why you were spending so much, because there is no doubt you are paying far more than you need to.

If you want to waste money there is not much anyone can do to stop you, but I’m guessing you don’t know you’re paying too much. Some people just pay anything that comes through the mail without thinking and that is OK.

It’s been OK up until now, but not any longer. From now on you’re going to make some changes that will bring the amount of money you spend down by a considerable amount. You might not be able to buy a new car every month, but after 12 months have passed it will add up to a nice chuck of change. To get started we can go over some of the best ways to start changing your home and your habits, so tackle one at a time and try to get through the list as quickly as possible.

Stop putting on the heating

It’s easy to have the heating on when you’re not really cold. Without even thinking about it you can switch it on instead of just putting on a cardigan. Having the heating on all the time in winter is bad enough, but you don’t really need it on in summer unless you see snow. If you insist on putting it on then at least don’t have the temperature at a high heat. Just have it high enough so it’s comfortable because you shouldn’t use your home as a sauna.

Block of the fire

If you home is older you might find yourself with an open cast fire. These are great for burning wood or coal, but if you’re not then all you are really doing is letting all the cold air come in through a massive hole and into your living room. Block it off if it’s not being used, but maybe you can actually consider using it again because burning wood is not expensive, especially if you chop it yourself. It saves you paying money on the central heating when there is no need.

Switch light bulbs


Do you have any idea how much energy your current light bulbs use up? Keeping the light on all the time isn’t going to bankrupt you, but there is definitely a cheaper way of doing things.

Compact florescent light bulbs use about 75% less energy than your standard ones, plus they last about 10-times as long so over the entire life of each one you’re saving yourself about thirty dollars. When you add up all the light bulbs in your home you can see it’s saving you a nice amount of money.

Change your filters

You should change your filters in your air conditioning unit and also in your home’s heating system. The reason for this is the same reason you wouldn’t run a marathon with someone holding onto your back. It just means you have to work harder and use more energy. All of that dust will clog it up and you don’t want anything working below what it is capable of. Make sure you change them every 6-12 months to keep them fresh.

Improve your insulation

aislamientos thumb Save Money This Winter By Insulating Your House

Heat can escape from almost anywhere and it is hard to know where to start. A good place is always the walls and attic because you can add more insulation which stops all the heat from getting out.

If you want foam insulation in your walls you’re going to need someone to do the job for you, but it will eventually pay for itself. If you want something to do right away try and seal the edges around your doors and windows with a sealant.

You can thank Jerry Hopkins from Aussie Air for this informative post. Aussie Air sells and installs all top brands of air-conditioning systems like Panasonic Air, Breezair, Braemar, Coolair and Mitsubishi. For more information about the company you can visit their website.

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