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House for sale imageMany of us will move home within our lifetime. Whether it be to go to a new area or simply for a change. We will relocate at least twice, this is why you should take these home improvement tips into account.

Although you may not believe it, the interior of the home you are trying to sell has a great impact on the value you receive. You are more likely to get a much higher asking price if you were to make your home look ‘inviting’.

New home buyers tend to try and envision exactly what the property will look like to live in. So, if you are displaying an empty shell, then this does not leave much to the imagination. Try adding some of these luxurious interior items to your home if you are trying to sell. You will be amazed at how much the value of your property booms, simply by adding these small touches!

The Tube Chair

The tube chair was created out of PVC plastics, rubber and foam. It was created by a Joe Colombo who was Italian, the tubes can be arranged into any position to suit the person sitting on it.

The chair is made up completely of synthetic material, Joe Colombo’s furniture always has the users comfort in mind and thinks about the users flexible needs.

The Roman Chair

The Roman chair is very gimmicky and looks as though the Roman pillar is appearing from the ground, it does get some laughs and stares but that is the whole purpose of it.

Created by Studio 65 It is an icon of modern design, Studio 65 says it was to bring the outside, indoors. This is currently on sale with a price tag of $1000.


Tree Trunk Stool

Another very clever gimmick here as part of the Enchanted Forest Collection. It is another “Bring Nature Indoors” chair, entirely handcrafted and made completely of ceramic.

It is very highly decorated and would look perfect in any space, it also has a very elegant finish with a rustic motif. The stool is not only created well but is also a head turner, it is very captivating and only has a price tag of $375.


Clover Chairs

The luck of the Irish is on this one with the clover chair created, made by Driade. Based around the four-leaf clover and made out of polypropylene, the seats make for a comfy ride with their high backs and deep seats.

Will it bring you luck? Will it break out banks and get to marry that girl we have always dreamed about? Well, I cannot promise you that but what I can promise you is the price tag is $916!


Innit The Acapulco Side Chair

I know what you thinking about this one, How?, Why? Well it does make for a very comfy sit, let me tell you that now! It is actually very therapeutic in a way, it is based around the hammock and adds a touch of sophistication to the home. The $398 price tag is well worth the money.

So, now you have seen the numerous available chairs on offer, which one will you decide to buy?  The right chair could be the main attraction in the room, provided you choose the right style etc. Turn a blank canvas into something more inviting and you will find that those eager home buyers won’t be able to get enough!

Biography: Sophie loves getting new ideas for her home, she has her own unique trend and doesn’t like to shop for the norm. Sophie came across these unusual designs when looking for furniture for her flat. She was mainly attracted to SofaSofa due to their extreme variety of home furniture.

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