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Oficina-de-AbogadosThe design of an office is more important than most companies realize. The way you lay out your office has a large impact on how well your employees feel at work and consequently also how productive they are. For law firms especially, it is very important that your employees feel good in the office since they are your firm’s most valuable assets.

Without your lawyers and other employees, no money would be coming in. Spending some time and money on your law office’s design is well worth it. If you’re starting a new law firm and have just rented an office space or if you’re looking at redesigning your current law firm office, we’ve got some great tips for you.

Let Natural Light In

Natural light is very important for the human body to function well. Since office workers generally spend about 90% of their time indoors during the week, most of them don’t get enough natural light exposure, especially if they work in an office where hardly any natural light gets in.

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Research has shown that a lack of natural light can negatively impact a person’s mood and consequently also their productivity. Besides improving your employees’ happiness and productivity, natural light is also easier on the eyes, helping prevent eye fatigue, which is a common complaint in artificially lighted offices. Try to design your office so that plenty of natural light gets in at your employees’ desks.

Create Some Spaces For Breaks

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Everyone needs a break once in a while. Being 100% productive 8 hours per day is just not possible. Create some spaces at your law office that can be used for taking a break, having an informal chat with colleagues, holding a quick meeting or eating lunch. These spaces can improve the atmosphere at the office and boost collaboration.

Avoid Clutter

Try to keep your law office nice and tidy, especially if it’s a rather small office. Since you’ll probably have clients over all the time, you don’t want them to come into a cluttered, messy office. Implement a “no eating at desks” policy, which won’t just help keep your office clean, but also make your employees take a break during lunchtime, which they likely need, but don’t always take because they believe they have no time for it.

To avoid clutter, you need to think about how to best organize storage space around the office. Look into the possibility of creating a paperless law office, which can help improve your firm’s productivity, reduce costs and help avoid clutter.

Buy Ergonomic Furniture


Since your employees will probably sit in their chairs for most of the day, you want to invest in good, ergonomic chairs. Back and neck problems are very common for office workers, which can have a negative health impact, leading to more sick days and also impact your workers’ productivity.

Also invest in some nice and comfortable furniture for your break areas so people can properly relax when they need a break. Invest in good wireless connectivity so your employees can work from anywhere around the office. 

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Loewy Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane works as a sit-stand desk.

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