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Here, I’ve listed some reasons and benefits of using LED systems and why you should be considering it for your premises.

5450543465 cfea651128 Why every homeowner should be considering a switch to LED lightsYou may have noticed that more and more flashlights have started to incorporate LED into their design, and that the same is true of car headlights. In fact, lighting systems of all types are now starting to use LEDs, and there are many reasons that they are becoming the preferred choice in both businesses and homes.

In case you do not understand why they are becoming so popular, here are some basic reasons that you too should be considering LEDs for your premises.

Benefits Of Using An LED Light System

Electricity Savings

One of the main benefits that LED lighting systems are giving to everybody is reduction in operating costs. We all like to save money and home owners and businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce their electricity bills.

In the past this has been achieved by fitting dimmer switches or timers, and everybody should continue to use timers in their premises. However, fitting LED lights to a property means that you can make huge savings in the watts that are being used, and this translates directly to massive saving in electricity, and lighting maintenance.


LED lighting systems are far less intrusive than other forms of lighting, and it is easier to fit the systems in recesses to keep them out of view. This may not be as important for some businesses because of practicalities, though it is still something that many types of business can benefit from; especially retail businesses and public services.

If your lighting system is in a home or outside a property then the benefit of being able to minimize the appearance of a light fitting is obvious. LED is also a great way to use your lights as a feature as you can have them made in most designs.

Directional Lighting

One of the first things that people appreciated about LED lighting was the directional benefits that it gives. Unlike other forms of lighting, it is possible to pinpoint the area that you would like to light, and this is an obvious benefit to certain types of businesses and in the home.

In the home you can create an atmosphere or highlight certain areas that you feel need emphasis, and create a cozy subdued light in others. For retail outlets, restaurants, and art galleries, LED lighting has given them an extra tool to use to show off their wares and to direct attention to the things they want noticed.

The Environment

There is so much attention paid to a company’s green footprint these days that businesses would be foolish to ignore theirs, and LED lighting is a great way to improve it. The LED bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs meaning less waste, and we have already talked about energy savings which can be as much as 90%.

However there is another way that LED bulbs help save on your electricity consumption, and that is through reduced heat. LED lights will not create as much heat as other lights (98% of the energy used in an incandescent light makes heat, not light) and this can help you reduce the use of air conditioners at home and particularly in offices and shops.

Will an LED lighting system have any benefit for your home or business? Looking at the benefits mentioned here, I think it probably could.

The author of this article, Mary Kay, is a part of the team at Shine On, distributors of high-quality commercial led lights. Mary is a fitness freak and strictly follows her exercise routine.

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