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inmuebles-en-ventaSo, you are planning on moving home but you seem to be facing some trouble. Well, fear not as I will help boost your morale. If selling your home for the right price is something you fret then stop right there.

Now, I’m not going to miraculously treble the amount your house is worth, but I will help you to get your home on the market and sold quicker than you can say ‘mortgage’. No, just kidding. Here are some top tips to help you sell your beloved home for the right amount.

The Hallway

By right, the hallway should be treated which as much consideration as your other rooms. This is of course because the hallway is the first thing that people see upon entering your home. This is why you should take extra care into making the right impression to new visitors. It is too easy to just give your hallway a lick of paint and assume that it will be enough, follow these tips to help you transform the look and feel of your entire hall.


  • Change the layout- Making such a drastic change could be expensive, however there are other ways you can make the layout more inviting. Hallways of course can become cluttered with belongings such as coats, shoes and even bags. Do you have any extra space for storage? There could be some space underneath the stairs or even a place where you can put a cabinet.

  • Choose the best colour- A hallway isn’t usually a place that gets flooded with light, however if you choose the right wallpaper/paint then you can instantly uplift the whole ambiance of the entrance to your home. Neutral tones and even pale greens and blue will make the hall much brighter and welcoming.

  • Find the right lighting- Many people fail to recognise the importance of the right type of lighting for the hallway. However, by choosing the right lighting you will in effect create a more inviting space. Pendant and halogen lights are great to take into consideration.

The Bathroom

Ah, the bathroom. The place you can escape to when life is way too hectic. You should add extra focus onto this room as it will boost the saleability of your home. Follow these simple tips to get your bathroom looking immaculate.

  • Consider a whole new bathroom set- Although having your bathroom completely overhauled may cost a bit, it will boost the overall value of your home. There are affordable fitted bathrooms that you can have installed. Get a professional to do it for you if you want the installation to go smoothly.

  • Install a bath- You may be tempted to have a simple shower fitted, but a bath is a lot more preferred. By installing a bath you will be reaching out to families that have children etc. Also most people enjoy a nice long soak at the end of the day to unwind and relax.

  • Get the right flooring- It is so tempting to opt for your own personal likes, but if you do end up selling the home then the new buyer has to be taken into consideration. This is why you should stick to simple and neutral colours. This doesn’t mean you have to stick with ‘boring’ you can still add touches of your own. Just don’t go too over the top!

The Kitchen

Everyone has a busy kitchen area, whether you have a big family or its just a couple of you living together. The kitchen is always in action, whether you are cooking, cleaning or washing up. There is bound to be somebody occupying the kitchen throughout the day. This is why you need to sit back and take a look at what will really work to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. The right kitchen can add a potential value increase of 15%!

  • Concentrate on the finer details- If you are going to make a kitchen look appealing without spending too much than this can be done easily. By investing in small fixtures such as door knobs, as well as  cupboard and drawer handles, you will add a much more welcoming touch.

  • cocinas_integradasGo for good quality- When you are showing potentially showcasing your home to new buyers you don’t want to display any worn out or out of date appliances. To really boost your buck you need to invest in good quality kitchen appliances. For example buying a stylish and modern cooker or refrigerator is a good start.

  • Create more space and light- Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it be for hosting a party or cooking your Sunday brunch. This is why you need to create an open and light area. By having blinds in the kitchen you will be allowing for light to easily flood into the windows, whenever you desire! Also, choosing the right lighting fixtures will set the mood perfectly. Keep down on clutter to avoid making the room look small, you will also find that certain colours in the room can make the space appear bigger.

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