The View From The Top: Skylights For Homes

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Jul 312014

When buying a new home, one of first things people will want to know is whether it’s north facing. Certainly, most people are drawn to natural light; in summer, when stuck in an office, we gaze longingly out of the window at the sun-drenched outdoors, and in winter we are drawn to the area of the house that lets in the winter sun. Even teenagers eventually emerge from darkened rooms in search of the light.

Most of the skylights on the market today vary in size and aesthetics, depending on what your specific needs are. And, although there is likely to be one that is both pretty and practical, you need to make sure that you also consider quality. The harsh sunlight beating down on the skylight over time should in no way affect the glazing or sealing. Letting in the sunlight is all very well on clear days, but letting in the rain is the last thing you want from your newly installed skylight.

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The Modern, Elegant Look Of Steel Windows And Doors

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Jul 312014

Steel_DoorsLauded for its strength and durability, steel is the go-to material for windows and doors that need to withstand years of wear and harsh weather. Experts consistently recommend steel as the best material for protection against fires and intruders as well.

When it comes to stylish interior design, steel is increasingly becoming the best choice. Whether used to evoke an Old-World style or to make a bold, modern statement, the metallic alloy lends itself well to any decorative style. Continue reading »

Power Inverters: It Pays To Be Prepared!

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Jul 302014

Planning ahead for a possible power outage is simply proactive and wise.  Hurricane Sandy of 2012 and tornadoes that ripped through Missouri in 2011 and Oklahoma in 2013 are only a few, vivid reminders of how any of us are vulnerable to storms of one kind or another that can result in lost electricity needed for things such as computers, cell phones, lighting, cooling, warmth, refrigeration and even medical equipment. Continue reading »

What Is Stamped Concrete?

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Jul 302014

Regular concrete is a mixture of powdered cement, water and some sand and crushed rocks thrown in for good measure.  Most people know concrete as it appears on sidewalks and roadways and holding up buildings, but there are many other applications.  It may all start the same way, but it definitely all doesn’t end the same. Continue reading »

Jul 292014


If you don’t have to struggle with the choice between a hot tub and a swimming pool then things are looking pretty good for you but for the majority of people being able to have one would be a luxury. Choosing between a hot tub and a swimming pool though can be difficult, especially if you haven’t got the advantage of being able to recall experiences in both.

A lot of people think that a hot tub and swimming poolare very similar and that one’s just smaller than the other, this isn’t the case though, they are actually both very different.


pool is a lot bigger than a hot tub which in some respects is a huge advantage but in others it’s a definite disadvantage. The fact that a pool is large means that it’s great for exercise, fun and games for all the family and it’s a great venue for parties. However, its size means that you’re giving up more of your land – which is you have a lot isn’t a problem – and it’s likely to cost more too.

If you choose to invest in a swimming pool then the whole family is guaranteed to be able to use it at the same time, you can purchase waterslides, inflatables and diving boards and there’ll still be enough room for a relaxing swim.


In a hot tub on the other hand there’s probably only enough room for five or six people comfortably, which is fine if there won’t be many people using it and you want to minimise the garden space that you’ll be losing but as opposed to a pool, a hot tub is purely for relaxation. The intention is to sit in it on a freezing night in the middle of winter with a glass of your favourite wine and relax whereas if you choose to have a pool built then you can relax, have fun, throw a party or do exercise as and when you want to.

Piscinas desmontable elevadas 2

The cost is another thing to think about when you’re considering whether or not a pool or a hot tub is the right choice for you. Although the maintenance costs of the two are very much the same the initial costs can differ massively.

If you choose to have a pool built then you’re looking at anything from around £20,000 upwards whereas hot tubs can cost anything from around £3,000 up to around £20,000 depending on the size and functions.
The choice between the two should definitely depend on how you’ll use it but if you’re looking for somewhere you can relax, entertain and have fun with the family then a swimming pool is definitely the choice for you.

Gemma Lyons has quite a large garden but had struggled to decide between a hot tub for the adults and a swimming pool for the whole family until she contacted and saw how a swimming pool could improve her entire garden.

Jul 292014

The first thing a person would notice upon entering the perimeter of a house is its aesthetic value. Does it have a distinct modern sophistication?

Is it charming in a classical, vintage way? Or does it exude a timeless, minimalist elegance? The way the decorative elements would captivate your guests, after all, is the initial impact.

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Jul 282014


Have you ever looked at a house and it hasn’t seemed quite right? You know there is something wrong with the exterior design or finish but can’t identify the problem. It may well be that the building has been finished with an incorrect style of roof. There are a number of things to take in to consideration when choosing a roof; hopefully the following words of wisdom will help you when making your decision.

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Jul 272014

tipos revestimiento piscinaFrom the placement, to the shape, to the accessories, your pool is like your own personal fashion model, designed solely by you. Choosing pool tile is like selecting the perfect shoes to match your outfit, it can make or break the overall atmosphere and look.

Not only does pool tile keep scum lines at bay, it also has the ability to give your pool the “hey, look at me” kind of attitude.

Since the final layer of your pool is composed of plaster, it is essential to tile over this in order to avoid scum stains in the plaster. Continue reading »

Jul 272014

Prices of central air conditioning units depend on various factors and not all air conditioners are created equally.  When pricing an A.C. unit, be informed as to what features will increase or decrease the cost. 

An air conditioner’s efficiency rating, its size, its outdoor sound rating and the time required for professional installation all play a role in the final price. There are some things homeowners can become aware of to help them determine and appreciate the variance in air conditioning unit costs.

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