How To Care For Wood Floors During Winter

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Nov 282013

Wood flooringWood flooring can be considered an expensive option when building or renovating a house, but its beauty and durability make the expenses all worth it. Carpet may be a cheaper alternative, but it gets worn out in just a few years, and you end up spending hard-earned money again to replace it.

Since we mention how costly wood flooring can be, it can last a lifetime if you apply proper care and maintenance on it. The usual cleaning routine will be mopping and waxing, but how about when it’s winter?  Your nice wood floor will need more care to protect it and to keep its beauty.

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Nov 122013

GARAGE DOOR FOR HOMEIt’s hard to imagine that your garage door can be anything more than a ‘garage door’, but according to interior designers, these exterior doors can prove incredibly useful when revamping your home.

As long as your garage door isn’t too damaged when you decide to replace it with a new one, you can easily use this nifty contraption to make a number of decorating saving changes to your home:

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