Preparing For A Hurricane

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Sep 202013

hurricane_house_damageAs we saw with Hurricane Sandy, the end of the summer does not necessarily mean the end of hurricane season.  It’s never too early or too late to start planning for a hurricane and there are some things to take care of both before a hurricane and when the storm is impending. 

Boarding up windows, securing outdoor furniture in basements or sheds, getting your insurance in order, and having a proper emergency plan are just some of the things that should go into prepping for a hurricane.

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Sep 092013

modi cable tiesArranging for attractive Christmas lights need not necessarily be an expensive proposition. Cable ties can be used to spice up your Christmas decorations – without requiring you to spend much either. Here is how I and my wife went about using these zip ties to light up our Christmas last year.

Cable ties had never meant anything more to me than convenient tools to organize and declutter electrical wires. The idea that they could actually be used for home decoration purposes was first floated by my wife, two years back.

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