Popular Flooring Styles For 2013/2014

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Ago 222013

Instalacion de pisos laminados

Choosing the right flooring for a home based on trend can have its thrills, as a floor often outlines the distinct theme and style of a specific room. However sometimes to you have to also consider what could be popular in the years to come. Here we take a look at some types of flooring that seem to be flourishing at this moment in time whilst also keeping an eye on what could become a big hit in years to come.

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How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

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Ago 222013

cesped-artificialWhat is artificial grass? Why would you want it?

Essentially, artificial grass is a surface that is manufactured to look and act as grass. There are plenty of reasons to own artificial grass, also known as artificial turf.

For people who are not physically capable or have the time to mow their lawn, artificial grass might be the right product for them! It has no need to be cut as it is is a synthetic surface and does not grow.

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ETFE Foil – The Best Insulation Material On The Market

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Ago 142013

If you’re thinking about buying new insulation you’re obviously going to want to buy the material that has the best insulating properties for the lowest price. There are a variety of insulating materials sold today including glass wool, polystyrene and wood, but one material that is constantly increasing in popularity is ETFE foil.


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Ago 082013

House for sale imageMany of us will move home within our lifetime. Whether it be to go to a new area or simply for a change. We will relocate at least twice, this is why you should take these home improvement tips into account.

Although you may not believe it, the interior of the home you are trying to sell has a great impact on the value you receive. You are more likely to get a much higher asking price if you were to make your home look ‘inviting’.

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