Jul 232012

interior minimalistaMinimalist architecture is the tendency of reducing to the essentials, without excessive use of decorative elements. It is icharacterized by the extreme simplicity of its forms, pure  lines, clear spaces and neutral colors, in an environment with balance and harmony.

The idea of minimalism can be described as “less is more,” or as some designers and architects are fond of saying, “doing more with less.” Minimalist architects use space as a design feature in and of itself. Instead of trying to fill space with features, they create designs in which the empty space is as carefully thought out and used as everything they add to the room. Basic shapes and straight, clean lines are also important techniques used in minimalist design, as is playing around with different kinds of lighting.

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Jul 222012

glasstec2006_6Do you dare to install a glass staircase in your home or office?  When we think about a glass staircase the first thing that comes to our heads is how dangerous they can be if they break, but the truth is that the technology with which they are made, makes them capable of withstanding the weight of 4 people of medium texture.

These stairs are notable for their modern designs, which are ideal for reception of minimalist environments or public spaces. Glass stairs besides provide a function in our house, turn out to be something decorative, especially if we use a minimalist design on the inside of the space where you are.

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Jul 112012

serenitypoolfsmauiIn many hotels and architectural magazines we often see visually pleasing pictures of pools that seem to be quite indefinite in size. These are called infinity or overflow pools. In these pools the water level is the same as superior part of the pool’s terrace, which means that there is no difference of levels between the perimeter surrounding the pool and the water.

In this kind of perimeter or in a specific designed side of the perimeter a canal forms where the overflow water drains, in which a large mirror seems to come out of the pool’s surface.

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Jul 052012

Why build a swimming pool when you can buy one?
If you want to buy a pool for the summer  but do not want to have it in your yard all year, the above ground pools are a good choice, very cheap and quick placement.

One of the biggest differences between a portable pool and a traditional swimming pool is the ease of assembly. Where the old-style pools of yesterday can take days, weeks and even months to assemble, an the removable Pool, following the manufacturer’s instructions, takes only minutes.

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