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Remodeling your kitchen can often be a nail biting experience especially if you don’t know what to expect once it is completed. The best way to avoid the unexpected is to plan your remodeling. You should know exactly what you want, it should be visualized and the person who is working on your kitchen needs to understand this.

Everything right down to the color and the style of the kitchen needs to be agreed upon before anything takes place. Below we discuss 10 of the best kitchen design ideas which should help you come up with a modern and bold design.

The Bold Lemon Color Feature Wall

Painting your kitchen’s wall happens to be the most affordable and easy way to give it a new look. However, if you don’t want to change the entire kitchen’s color you can get away with introducing small islands of color to a contemporary crisp white background color. Adding a few pockets of lemon yellow will help to create a modern 3D effect especially within new brilliant cabinets.

Add Bold Vinyl Flooring

In the past most remodeling projects never really focused on the flooring of a kitchen. Fortunately, thanks to the latest vinyl floor designs which contain any image that you choose coming up with something unique has become easier. There are also many designer vinyls which are available in warm, bold and friendly designs. That said they are also very easy to clean and when coupled with pure white cabinets and orange walls they pop out and draw attention.

White, Red and Blue Tiles

You are not limited to specifically red, white and blue but by combining all three of these colors in metro style tiles will help to add space to your kitchen. Always check a few color patterns at various times of the day under both artificial and natural light. That said you need to keep in mind that matt tiles will look darker as compared to glossy tiles even if the shades are the same.

Colorful Cabinets

If you want to make a bold style statement then choose multi colored cabinets. These cabinets are often available in different heights and shapes which can give your kitchen a unique and interesting look. However, always purchase cabinets which you can balance with a darker worktop. Strong shades should be restricted to accessories and other key pieces of furniture.

Shades of the Color Blue

The current season has definitely been about strong statements in both indigo and purples with blue tones. Very rich blues tend to have the same bold impact as red and offers the added benefit of making a small space appear much larger. Blue can be paired with a lively dark colored glass splashback.

The Purple Island

If you want to give your kitchen a more colorful look with a hint of contemporary design you can combine traditional oak cabinetry with vivid plum colored accessories. The island can be made the center of attention by painting it a darker tone. If your kitchen gets lots of natural sunlight darker colors are a good idea.

Shiny Mulberry

Red has been a very popular color for people who wanted high gloss style kitchens. However, there has now been a move away from red and towards mulberry. Glossy mulberry cabinets coupled with white walls, grey floors and mulberry colored or transparent kitchen splashbacks makes for a very glossy statement.

The Handle Less Yet High Gloss Kitchen

Most homeowners would consider monochrome to be a safe choice for their kitchens. If this is what you prefer you can still make a difference by opting for a handle less design, a few curves and a high gloss finish. Add a vibrant bold splashback and your kitchen’s craving for colors should be satisfied.

Compact Kitchen

By restricting your color to just the base units you are preventing it from going overboard in a compact space. You can have one very strong tone that works best but combined with an accent shade via splashbacks and accessories will make it look larger.

Contemporary Yellow

Yellow is definitely the most popular color this season. But this is a bold shade and so it can be toned down with elements like warm walnut or graphite. You can throw in a few cool neutral colors to help the space still feel comfortable.


John Doe is an experienced interior designer with over a decade of industry experience. When he’s not designing homes he is creating his own work of art using a paint brush.

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